Conduct Case Management


Advocate is a comprehensive campus safety solution that guides you through the entire case management process from the initial submission of the case through generating letters, booking meetings, and managing sanctions and appeals.

All student judicial information is available at your fingertips. Beyond specific case data, all relavent student information is available, Advocate also displays class schedules, judicial history, documents, notes, and much more within an integrated record.

Recognize. Respond. Resolve.

Routing and Alerts

Where does a case go after it is submitted? Would you like to have cases routed to different staff members depending on the type of incident, or the location of the incident? With Advocate, cases may be automatically routed to any and all individuals or teams based on a variety of criteria determined by your office.

So, when cases are entered, the appropriate information is channeled to the specific staff members who receive real-time email notifications. This ensures that cases will always end up in the right hands, and may be addressed faster than ever before.

Dynamic Case Processing

Advocate allows you to spend less time in front of a computer, and more time proactively engaging your student community. And the system's customizable workflow precisely aligns with the steps that you take throughout a case—from start to finish.

Not only does Advocate align with your process, but it also guides you through and specifies the appropriate next steps as you progress through the processing of a case. With Advocate’s easy-to-use form builder, you can edit all fields on the fly. So even if your office’s process changes, you can be confident that Advocate will seamlessly adapt.

Virtual Case Management

Keeping track of your case information has never been easier! Advocate's powerful search tools allow you to pull up any case in seconds. And with Advocate's virtual case files, you may access all case information from one comprehensive dashboard, which ensures that you stay organized and always have up-to-date information at your fingers.

Collaboration has never been easier! Our virtual case files enables you share notes with colleagues, access related documents, and view an audit trail of all case activity.

And with Advocate's Engagement Toolset, you may see a list of all letters that have been sent and when students have opened them, a complete meetings/hearings history, and a related list of all completed/incomplete sanctions. 

Comprehensive Appeals 

Symplicity understands that the appeals process can vary from institution to institution. With Advocate, users may customize the system to include the types of appeals that are relevant to their process.

Increase communication and save time via Advocate's appeals management tools. Notifications can be automatically forwarded to various staff members based on the type of appeal, and multiple appeals may be tracked with a particular case with ease.

The system also allows the submission and tracking of victim appeals. Staff may enter appeal information directly and/or allow victims to submit outcome appeals online. Administrators also have the ability to easily notify the victim of an original or appeal decision.

Fast. Intuitive. Customizable.

Navigate with Ease

Advocate is intuitive and easy-to-use, regardless of the user's technological proficiency. And with talented graphic designers and more than 75 years of conduct experience on staff, we are always striving to enhance the user experience.

Everyone in your office will catch on with very minimal training. Case processing has never been easier.

User-Specific Access

Would you like faculty members and others to quickly submit information about conflicts and concerns? Advocate features interfaces specifically for faculty, resident assistants, students, and more. 

With Advocate, your entire campus community is a click away from reporting incidents and concerns. Advocate offerns an online form that is accessible from your office's website or a university portal. 

Dedicated Residential Life Interface

For the first time, resident advisors have an online command center with all of the tools they need. Resident advisors may view past submissions, edit reports to enhance clarity, and view an audit trail of incidents they have submitted throughout the year to more easily collaborate with administrative staff.

RAs may also review information from Symplicity's Residence System, submit duty logs, record campus rounds, and view mission-critical residential life announcements. 

Rich Student Experience

Are students reporting that their letters were lost in the mail? Or lost in cyberspace? With Advocate, not only can you can track exactly when a student has viewed letters, but also provide them with an online repository where they can access everything related to past, present, and future cases.

Are you intrigued? Sign up for a demo and see the system in action!

Engagement Toolset

Icon - Product Features - Advocate Engagement Toolset

Real-Time Communications

Advocate's Email Wizard empowers you to quickly send html emails and attachments to an unlimited number of students, and through the utilization of a robust mail-merge field set, you may personal each email for each recipient.

Want to do more than email? Advocate enables batch texting for campus-wide alerts and notifications. And ensure students, staff, and faculty are always informed by posting rich-text system announcements directly on the system interface.

Seamless Letter Generation

Do you spend an inordinate amount of time drafting letters? Advocate's intelligent letter management system auto-generates the right letter for the right case at the right time. 

The system also features a robust HTML editor so that you can send students professional-looking letters on your institution's letterhead!

Easy Meeting Booking

Setting up meetings has never been easier! Every type of meeting, from hearing officer one-on-ones, to a restorative justice circle, to a mediation, our meeting booking tools will help to revolutionize your case management process.

Our ultra-powerful Meeting Finder pulls down the student's class schedule from your institution's SIS or LMS system, synchronizes each faculty/staff members calendar (Outlook, Google, Zimbra, and more), and then pinpoints the best possible meeting time in seconds.

Sanctions Management

With over 75 years of student conduct experience on staff we recognize the amount of time that is devoted to ensuring sanction completion.

Advocate's robust sanctions management tool-set allow staff to easily pinpoint incomplete or overdue sanctions and send personalized follow-ups with a click. And modern user-experience that we provide students ensures that they are always aware of any outstanding sanctions and related deadlines.

Integration with 3rd Millennium 

If your university subscribes to any of the educational products provided by 3rd Millennium, integration with Advocate is a snap. When logged into Advocate, you can enroll a student in a specific course simply by assigning them the respective sanction.

Following up on student course completion is as easy as seeing if the course has been completed in Advcocate. No more switching between multiple sites--everything is right at your fingertips!

Student Directory

Icon - Product Features - MBA Directory

Holistic student record

Staff may access a fully-integrated student records that pulls together all critical information, which helps to provide the best possible advice and guidance.

Need to generate background checks for graduate school applicants? Or, would you like to run a background check on your entire RA applicant list? With one click, you are able to generate a complete student conduct history, and print it on your professional letterhead.

Beyond that, this holistic student record offers a complete transaction history providing staff with unprecedented insight into a student's history. 

Keep track of notes and documents

We understand the importance of notes and documents management as part of the overall case management process. All notes and documentation (even large multimedia files) may be easily uploaded. 

Need to flag student holds? No problem! Advocate's flexible flagging tool allows you to add custom flags on-the-fly to stay organized and never lose sight of those students that need your attention. 

Integrate your records

In order to assist with building a student conduct and behavioral record, Advocate supports full connectivity with your student information system. Import class schedules, photos, and any data element that you deem appropriate! Also, you are able to feed information back into your student information system regarding holds on accounts and other critical data.

Does your campus use multiple Symplicity products? Improve institutional retention rates by integrating student records across Symplicity systems where appropriate.

For example, when you’re notified of an academic concern, would it be beneficial to view notes that Academic Advisors had entered during their counseling appointments? Just let us know which fields you would like to sync between products, and Symplicity’s professional services staff will make it happen!

Federal Reporting Engine

Icon - Product Features - Shield Checkmark

Ensure accuracy

It’s that time of the year…time to generate the official Clery report. With Advocate's Federal Reporting Engine, it has never been easier! 

Create Reports Seamlessly

Do you ever have trouble identifying an incident's Clery category? Advocate can help by auto-categorizing Clery incidents based on your institution's code of conduct. 

The true beauty of our Federal Reporting Engine is that it automatically generates Clery statistics to ensure accuracy and compliance. 

Other Federal Reports

In addition to Clery, the Federal Reporting Module also allows you to collect fire reports, store information related to fire safety systems, and schedule, track, and follow-up on fire drills and missing persons reports.

The Federal Reporting Module's full-fledged data collection and dissemination system ensures that even newly mandated reports may be sent to the government with a click. 

View analytics

Would you like to view quick breakdowns of your federal reporting data? In Advocate, there is a clear, intuitive Federal Reporting Dashboard which provides Advocate users with a visual reference for all data as well as one click download to Excel functionality. 

Mobile Version

Icon - Product Features - Mobile

We recognize that you’re not always at your desk, so we designed a mobile platform to help you spend less time behind your computer and more time interacting with students.

Advocate is specifically designed to meet your mobile needs and streamline your case management process!

Manage cases on-the-fly

Say you're driving to campus and you notice that an important case has been submitted. First…pull over! Then, access Advocate’s mobile version to begin reviewing/processing the case in a mobile-friendly space.

With Advocate, you don't need to be in your office in order to view and process cases. Wherever you have the Internet, you have Advocate!

Respond immediately

By having access to case data from any location, you may contact the reporter or the victim immediately. Beyond that, you are a tap away from forwarding a case to the proper individual or beginning to process it.


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Data and trends at your fingertips

Advocate’s reporting engine is so easy to use, there’s no need to contact Symplicity to run a report for you. And you certainly don’t have to wait for a program developer to yield results from your system. Advocate’s reporting module gives you the power to report data and review trends at your convenience.

We provide pre-canned reports for your convenience. You can report on trends by location, incident type, or numerous other qualifiers. Pull demographics on the students in your system or report on specific groups of students, such as athletes or student leaders.

Generate customized reports

With Advocate, reporting is a transparent and intuitive process. Create a customized report in just a few clicks, and manipulate the data in Excel to create a visual representation of incident trends and student demographics. You'll be ready to present your findings in seconds!

Use the flagging feature in our system to report on specific incidents or groups of students. Any data collected in Advocate is available to you for reports and analysis. You also have the ability to save the report parameters so you can easily run the data again in the future.

Quick Statistics

It is essential that your office can easily access data. You can quickly view statistics (amount of certain violations, types of concerns submitted, Clery, and more) by utilizing the Quick Statistics Tool. With Advocate, it's always easy to search, view, and manipulate your data for statistical purposes.

Report back to other key stakeholders at your institution by compiling summary statistics and identifying overall trends. Were there more housing violations or academic integrity cases? Where did most campus incidents take place? When you use Advocate’s analytics tool, you will definitively know!

Customization Tools

icon - Product Features - Puzzle Piece Cog

Collect data just how you like it

Every office is different, and wants their online forms set up according to their preferences. Our Form Builder gives you the flexibility to add, remove, or edit any field (dropdown, text, etc.) on demand.

You can choose the field’s location, modify instructions, and set dependencies so only certain fields are visible to particular students/alumni. After adding a new field, it is automatically reportable.

Is your school offering a new major? No problem! Our Picklist Manager allows you to update dropdown menus and checkbox choices in real time.

Communicate with a personal touch

Advocate’s custom workflow comes complete with personalized emails and notifications. After important actions are taken in the system, administrators can send a personalized letter from your office that includes all of the necessary information for the judicial process.

We support HTML content and unlimited attachments, so your letters look professional and contain all of the necessary information. Administrators can even track whether a student has opened their email letter, and exactly what time it was accessed. No more excuses, just a smooth judicial process!

Set conditions/rules on the fly

Would you like to route particular incidents to certain personnel based on location? Based on the residence hall where the students involved live? Based on the nature of the incident?

Advocate’s rules engine allows you to route cases based on criterion of your choosing. Incident reports can automatically be forwarded to the appropriate staff member for processing. It is as easy as selecting “If an incident occurs on North Campus” route to “North Campus Office of Student Conduct.”

Security and Compliance

Icon - Product Features - Compliance

Uncompromising data security

Since our inception in 1997, Symplicity has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student and employer records to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Many companies claim to secure your data, but we back it up with frequent independent audits. Our facilities are SAS70 Type II compliant and provide the world-class security IT departments expect. For a list of our current accreditation guidelines, view our awards and certifications.

Symplicity is vertically integrated, which means that we never outsource hosting services, support or web development. Your relationship is exclusively with Symplicity, and never with a third party vendor behind the scenes.

Meet and exceed HIPAA and FERPA obligations

Advocate offers several features to assist institutions in meeting their HIPAA and FERPA compliance obligations. We ensure secure connections by end users and system administrators, and all connections are fully encrypted.

Access to our servers is provided on a need basis and all users require authentication. All data contained within the system is controlled by you, the client.

In addition, Advocate employs user account management using role based access control. This means that only the staff you authorize can access specific information, such as a student's documents and case notes.