Fastest-growing constituent relationship management platform for government agencies

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More than 18 federal agencies and 5 state agencies rely on VOICE.

Manage all communication touchpoints

Track the constituent interaction lifecycle, including email, faxes, phone calls, letters, direct mail and social media.

Efficiently target your constituents

Target your constituents by any field, including zip code, county, topics they’ve expressed interest in and more.

Improve relationships with your constituents

Quickly respond to constituent concerns in one-to-one emails or personalize email campaigns.

Increase office efficiency

Save your staff valuable time so they can focus on developing strong relationships with constituents.


Constituent Management

Track every touchpoint in the constituent lifecycle. Quickly review group affiliations, topics of interests and more.

Correspondence Tracking

Record every contact in one place—email campaigns, faxes, phone calls, letters, direct mail and social media.


Successfully deliver and track results on email campaigns with an HTML editor and real-time analytics.

Case Management

Easily track the status of cases as they move through the casework process with integrated task management.

Advanced Searching

Search a subset or the database using partial text, similarity and wildcard characters to find or group constituents.

Reporting & Analytics

Use a step-by-step wizard to create ad hoc reports and dashboards on every field in the database.


Symplicity is the ideal business partner to assist in your strategic web enablement and data management initiatives.

  • Contract Name: GSA Schedule 70
  • Contract Number: GS-35F0440M
  • Sponsor: General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Contract Expiration Date: 2022
  • Type of TOs: T&M, FFP

GSA Schedule 70

Symplicity Corporation is a contractor providing GSA MAS services. The minimum order is $5,000. Orders will be processed using purchase orders, BPAs, or task orders. A prompt payment discount of 1% – 30 days will be applied to all non-credit card payments.

Services offered on Schedule 70:

  • Special Item No. 132-51 Information Technology (IT) Professional Services
  • FPDS Code D301 IT Facility Operation and Maintenance
  • FPDS Code D302 IT Systems Development Services
  • FPDS Code D306 IT Systems Analysis Services
  • FPDS Code D307 Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services
  • FPDS Code D308 Programming Services
  • FPDS Code D310 IT Backup and Security Services
  • FPDS Code D311 IT Data Conversion Services
  • FPDS Code D316 IT Network Management Services
  • FPDS Code D317 Automated News Services, Data Services or Other Information Services
  • FPDS Code D399 Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
  • Special Item No. 132-32
  • Special Item No. 132-33


A Personalized Solution for Better State-wide Communication

In 2013, a governor in the western U.S. sought a better way to organize and track constituent communication and engagement.

  • Effectively targeted constituent communication
  • Streamlined in-house case work management
  • Simplified coordinating responses to constituents

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