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Appointment Scheduling System

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Spend more time advising students and less time booking their appointments. Our Appointment System allows advising staff to spend more time engaging students and less time managing their appointment calendars.

This module streamlines all aspects of appointment management to more efficiently schedule advising appointments, track advising notes and follow-ups, and capture key statistics.

Hassle-free appointment booking

Insight's friendly appointment request form eliminates the back-and-forth hassle of the typical scheduling process. Students see only available dates and times, and designated staff can simply point-and-click to approve appointment requests.

Our Availability Matrix allows staff to manage their weekly availability in real time and makes it easy for students to find a time that works for both parties. Personal appointments and office-wide events (staff meetings, retreats, etc.) may be entered months in advance and these entries automatically impact meeting availability.

Individual appointments sync with calendar applications, smart phones, and Facebook. Plus, we send detailed meeting reminders via email and text so that students and staff don't forget.

Empower students to self-schedule

The school-branded student portal offers a customizable appointment request form. Students can filter available slots by Appointment Type and Location.

Introduce students to your advising staff - our appointment request form displays a photo and bio of the advisor the student will meet will meet with. Once confirmed, students receive a personalized automatic e-mail confirmation of the appointment details.

Reminders...we've got those covered across multiple communication platforms Students receive appointment reminders via automated e-mail, text message, and Facebook notifications.

Finally...move to one calendar!

Insight’s integrated calendar provides students and staff with a daily agenda or day/week/month/year view. Appointments, meetings, and events are automatically added to the calendar and personal events can be added with a click.

Have a receptionist or primary scheduler? Our calendar displays a single screen of all advising staff availability, so the perfect time is easy to find. There’s no need to manage another scheduling system – just click in to a time slot and schedule an appointment on the fly!

Symplicity provides full integration with Microsoft Exchange and supports iCal and SyncML so that you can easily synchronize with Outlook, Lotus, and Google calendars, as well as smart phones by Apple, Blackberry, etc.

Communication Tools

CRM Tools

Insight's tracking and outreach management (CRM) toolkit enables you to engage current students and track their development into the future. Students have their own school-branded portal to view alerts and notifications, general announcements, RSVP for events, view multi-media resources, manage documents, connect with tutors/mentors, or schedule advising appointments.

Keep students informed

Insight employs the communication options students prefer to keep them current on upcoming events, appointments, and announcements from your office. Reminders and notifications are sent via RSS feed, email, text message, and Facebook messages.

The student portal enables your office to post dynamic announcements using our HTML editor. Draw student attention by inserting photos, live links, changing background colors and more! 

Our student Resource Library offers students simple access to files of all types (videos, podcasts, PDF, PowerPoint) that you wish to share with them. Resource Library items can be targeted to specific student groups or visible to all students. 

Centralize student relationship management

Tired of managing your student outreach using various databases? Insight provides all of the student relationship management tools you need - in one place! Your advisors will never lose track of students because of forgotten emails, voice mails, or notes. Insight offers one-click access to integrated student records where advisors can view a student's full profile.

Track sent emails, view advising notes, student participation in activities, student documents, tutoring activity, and event participation. Flag students, send custom e-mails, or schedule a follow-up action in a snap.

Need to contact a specific group of students? Filtering students is easy with our advanced search options. Once you've identified your targets, send personalized emails to the entire group with one click!

Personalized emails - sent in seconds!

Have a post-appointment email you send to each student you meet with? Has your office always wanted to put together a newsletter for students? Using Insights Email Manager, you can save an unlimited number of custom email message templates directly into the system.

The Email Manager enables you to easily merge in data like date, student name, advising topics discussed, and action items. Simply create your email template once with your desired merge fields and the system will automatically populate the appropriate merge field data no matter which student or group of students you contact. 

The next time you need to send an email, you can simply select your message template it from our email message dropdown list and send it out in a matter of seconds. Messages can be sent to individual students or sent as a batch to a filtered list of students or your entire student list. 

Early Alert System (CARE Network)

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Be more proactive with students of concern

Proactively identifying and addressing at-risk students has become a significant focus for all offices providing student support services.

Consequently, Symplicity's Insight Group has found itself uniquely positioned to work with its partner institutions to create the CARE Network, a comprehensive module dedicated solely to Academic Intervention and Risk Assessment.

By implementing CARE, advising offices are often able to identify and work with students before a concern escalate. 

Online tracking tools

Our customizable online concern reports may be submitted by concerned faculty members or other designated staff, sometimes anonymously, and easily reviewed by administrators and advisers. Very granular user rights and relationships ensure that information is only visible on a "need to know" basis and only disclosed to those with the appropriate permissions.

Advisers can be alerted the second a concern is entered, which allows for a near-instantaneous response to critical issues. Concerns can then be assigned an immediate next step, such as referring to another office on campus, sending a letter to the parents. Alternately, a long-term action plan can be implemented; long term actions can range from graduation check-list completion to an academic success plan.

Students of concern list

Monitoring students who may be of concern will be at the forefront of your attention with Insight's Students of Concern List function. The list accounts for all academic risk assessment rubrics and each student's case history. 

But is it customizable? Yes! We understand that every institution has different concerns, and we'll make sure that your system is customized to fully meet your specific needs. In fact, our customer support consultants will work with you directly to align the system with your particular specifications and requirements.

Team-based workflow

With Insight, you can automatically route cases based on the type of case, the student involved, or any other information you choose. You may also elect to forward case information to specific staff members on a case by case basis using Insight's robust access controls section.

And you can keep confidential information in one place, control who has access to it, as well as maintain secure communication between advisers.

Action plan manager

We recognize that many academic intervention situations require more than just a meeting. With this in mind, the CARE Network gives advisers the ability to create a support plan for a particular student. This way, all offices and advisers involved in a student-athletes' success can clearly identify the appropriate next steps.

Insight's CARE Network also provides the space for adviseres to identify and track what individual actions are being taken to engage and support a student. Beyond case data and actions, you can document meetings, referrals, and notifications to best organize your efforts.

Analyze your statistics

Behavioral intervention efforts may be initiated by anyone on campus, and advisers can now easily compile reports on cases and related actions. Insight also makes it easy for academic intervention teams to generate the necessary statistics for key stakeholders on campus. 

In summary, the CARE Network sharply reduces the amount of time needed to identify students of concern, ensures reports to be acted upon more quickly, and provides you with the necessary tools to help increase your student-athlete engagement and retention efforts.

Holistic Student Records

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Are your file cabinets overflowing? Feeling like your student information is disorganized, disconnected or inaccurate? We aggregate all student information into our holistic student records that are accessible anytime, from a single database.

Go virtual and go green

Your advisors and staff will love our holistic student records – it’s like having your own virtual filing cabinet! Now your office can “go green” and never spend another minute digging through filing cabinets and searching databases.

Plus, unlike filing cabinets, our virtual files are backed by Symplicity's world-class security. We recognizing that student data privacy is critical, so we have developed user rights to ensure that only staff you approve can view and/or update advising appointments, notes and follow-ups.

Student data - at your fingertips

Staff may simply click on any appointment right from their calendar and immediately access the student's detailed virtual record to gain the "big picture" view of that student. Access related flags, documents, advising notes, follow-up actions, sent emails and more.

Our customizable advising notes allow you to capture the information you specifiy, such as topics discussed, appointment length, and action items. Then, set an automatic follow-up reminder so you won't forget to circle back in the days ahead.

Document Management

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Never lose track of student documents again! Now you can access all student documents from one web-based interface. Advisors, staff, and students can add and view documents from within each student's indidivudal record. 

Centralize student documents

Looking for an action plan for one student, or an accommodation request for another? Our centralized document management enables advisors to quickly review and share documents in a secure environment.

Make documents visible to students or restrict access to only designated staff.  Granular user rights ensure only the appropriate individuals can access student documents. 

Help students stay organized

Students may also upload private documents to their account, or choose to share them with their advisor. We give students the flexiblity to upload a wide variety of file types, including Word, Word Perfect, PPT, and Excel.

Need a student to complete a certain form? Simply add the file to their student record or email it to them directly, without ever leaving the system. 

Tutor/Mentor Network

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Want to create a database of peer tutors and mentors that is easily accessible to students? Our Tutor/Mentor Network is the answer!

Post a custom online registration form for tutors/mentors to easily register, and then connect interested students with a tutor/mentor. This exclusive, school-branded database of qualified tutors also includes comprehensive search tools and network member confidentiality controls.

Build a great network

Our completely customizable registration form allows you to capture the key data necessary, such as the courses individuals are able to tutor/mentor in, to create an accurate, expansive network of tutors/mentors.

All registration form data can be collected in convenient ad hoc reports that easily export to Excel. Plus, we enable you to control the visibility of tutor/mentor profiles to students and provide a "Student View" feature to track the number of times a student has reviewed a tutor.

Connect students to the right people

The Tutor Network offers students a variety of search criteria to make locating a compatible tutor a snap! Students can search for tutors by course, major, graduation year, and more. Once a potential match is found, students can "Express Interest" with a click, or save the tutor/mentor to a list of "Favorites" for future review.

Invaluable academic advice

Tutors/mentors can register in minutes and enjoy convenient control over their profile visibility and content. Our seamless registration form does not require the tutor/mentor to have an existing Insight account. Confidentiality controls allow network members to choose what contact information to display (email, phone, mail) and offer the ability to enable/disable their profile in real time. Members can also choose to limit the number of times a student can express interest. 

Student Tracking System

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Our Student Tracking System (STS) features a kiosk interface and swipe card technology which allows you to track student check-ins for activities ranging from advising appointments to workshops. STS provides you with the tools necessary to share critical statistics on advising center traffic and usage.

Simple check-in

Since students are always on the go, we've streamlined the check-in process. Kiosks are mobile and don't require an Internet connection. Just place them wherever students congregate!

It's convenient - students only need to swipe their Student ID card or punch in their Student ID. You'll know who came through your lobby, and who checked in for an appointment, and you'll know exactly when they did it. 

When a student arrives for an appointment and checks in at a kiosk, advising staff are automatically notified. Students may also be checked out as they leave the lobby so wait times can be recorded.

Customize the user experience

Every office has its own personality. Brand the kiosk's look and feel with custom skins. Customize the entire user experience by posting friendly message bubbles (welcome, thank you, etc.) where appropriate.

In your advising office, customize the walk-in activities that you're interested in tracking, from advising appointments to tutoring sessions. After each swipe, administer surveys to enhance assessment efforts.

At events, we generate student name badges in real time. Badge controls allow you to tailor label content and layout.

Measure success

Accurate student activity reports are essential in order to demonstrate the valuable services your office provides. We take this assessment to the next level by allowing you to identify trends in student engagement.

Insight allows you to create ad-hoc queries on all student tracking fields, as well as view saved queries and past activity reports. Simply save the results to Excel for graphing capabilities.

Reporting & Analytics

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Take the whole pie...or just a slice. We know that having access to a detailed account of all advising center activities is critical to our clients for measuring the success of their efforts and determining where they need to focus their efforts in the future.

To accomplish this, we provide powerful data extraction and usage tracking tools. And, if you're in a rush, we'll create a custom report for you in a snap!

All of your data at your fingertips

Our Reporting Module allows you to create comprehensive ad hoc reports. From the report writer screen, you may select any/all fields in the database for extraction.

Refine your data set by filtering against any field, so you can display information by advisor, by appointment type, by appointment date or length, and much more.

Insight archives all records so that you may pull reports on either active students, alums, or both.

Analyze your stats and spot trends

View statistics (appointments, no-shows, walk-ins, follow-ups, etc.) by utilizing our Count feature. By linking tables, you can even juxtapose counts to identify possible correlations.

Should your office adjust their hours to accomodate the number of off-hours requests? Do you need more advising staff to handle the volume of walk-ins on certain days of the week?

Report back to other stakeholders at the institution by pulling overall summary statistics (employees per company, number of contacts per student, citizenship of each class, etc.) from within our report summaries.

Sophisticated data analysis and integration

Getting data into a system is one thing, but getting it out is another. We offer an easy "export to Excel" capability so that you may extract information into a workbook with just a click.

Want to push events to your university calendar, post announcements about events to your website, or utilize Crystal Reports? Our reporting API schedules data feeds to other campus systems using web services.

Online Customization Tools

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Every office is unique, and most administrators want to tailor their system's interface to align with their precise vision.

Knowing our customers' desire for interface control, we provide ultimate customization and configuration capabilities.

Collect data just how you like it

Every office is different and wants their online forms set up according to their preferences. Our Form Builder gives you ultimate flexibility to add, remove, or edit any field (dropdown, text, etc.) on-demand.

You can choose the field's location, modify instructions, and set dependencies so that certain fields are only visible to particular students/alumni. After adding a new field, it is automatically reportable.

Is your office offering a new appointment type? No problem! Our Picklist Manager allows you to update dropdown menus and checkbox choices in real time.

Communicate with a personal touch

Insight's custom workflow comes complete with customizable confirmation emails, alerts, and notifications.

After important actions are taken in the system, students will receive a personalized note from your office that includes all the necessary information. We support HTML content and unlimited attachments.

Are students asking the same questions frequently? Could your advisors use a little extra guidance the first time they enter the system? Our Help Module lets you post common questions and answers, or add custom Light Bulb Hints to the top of any screen.

Security and Privacy Compliance

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As an organization, Symplicity's highest priority is safeguarding your data. We understand that data security and privacy of sensitive student information are of the utmost importance to your institution. 

Uncompromising data security

Since our inception in 1997, Symplicity has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student and employer records to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Many companies claim to secure your data, but we back it up with frequent independent audits. Our facilities are SAS70 Type II compliant and provide the world-class security IT departments expect. For a list of our current accreditation guidelines, view our awards and certifications.

You can breathe easy knowing that Symplicity is vertically integrated; meaning we never outsource hosting services, support, or web development. Your relationship is exculsively with Symplicity and never with a 3rd party vendor behind the scenes. 

Meet and exceed HIPAA and FERPA obligations

Insight offers several features to assist institutions in meeting their HIPAA and FERPA compliance obligations. We ensure secure connections by end users and system administrators and all connections are encrypted.

Access to our servers is based on a need basis and all users require authentication. All data contained within the Insight system is controlled by you, the client. 

In addition, Insight employs user account management using role based access control. This means that only the staff you authorize can access specific information, such as a student's documents and advising notes.