Insight Early Alert System

A unified approach to student support services and early intervention.

Insight Early Alert™ is an enterprise student support and early alert system that engages the campus community in the academic success and overall well-being of each student.  

Promoting student success, identifying at-risk students, and executing effective intervention plans is a global campus initiative. That's why our cloud-based early alert system eliminates information silos on campus by aggregating academic performance, well-being, and student self-assessment data to immediately alert the right campus contacts when a student is at-risk. All early alert data is captured and easily analyzed to enhance predictive modeling projects.

Insight's early alert system provides a customizable alert management workflow with communication tools to engage, track, and retain students. Now your office can provide students with 24/7 access to campus resources and self-help support tools, while support staff are rapidly alerted of students in need of help.

Insight Offers:

Insight is scalable to the needs of single offices:
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Automated Risk Assessment Tools with Built-in Case Management

Symplicity recognizes the need for campuses to proactively identify and immediately connect with at-risk students. Insight's CARE Network module allows instructors, counselors, advisors, and others who play a role in the student's development to easily identify and effectively address students of concern, often before the concern escalates.

CARE enables instructors and staff to easily submit alerts through a customizable online form that is routed to the professionals you designate. From notification and action plan, to monitoring and resolution, Symplicity's expert team of former higher education practitioners works with you to ensure the CARE module aligns with your office's workflow. Plus, our outcome tracking and analytics provide administrators with dashboard, predefined, and ad hoc reporting tools to measure the success of intervention plans. Read More...

CRM Tools

Instructor Interface with Progress Reports 

Seeking an immediate snapshot of academic performance for a specific student? Looking for a mid-semester progress report for your students by course? Instantly request information from instructors by sending a progress report email.

Instructors can easily submit responses and identify students of concern without logging in to a system. When a progress report entry indicates a student is at-risk, designated staff members are immediately notified. Faculty may also proactively create an early alert about a student with a click from Insight Early Alert's online concern reporting form. Read More...

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Student Engagement Toolkit with Assessment Builder

Insight's student engagement (CRM) toolkit enables your institution to reach your relationship management objectives and proactively connect with students before an early alert is raised. Our CRM allows your staff to communicate with all students, students with early alerts, or your desired cohort of students via text message, email, and social media. 

Automated alerts instantly notify the appropriate staff when a student is at-risk, based on exceeding an early alert threshold such as GPA, grade, and absences, so they can immediately reach out. Staff with appropriate permissions are instantly updated on the status of each student by sharing notes, documents, and early alert cases, and can assign referrals/follow-up actions and monitor their completion status. Read More...

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Holistic Student Records with Document Storage

With a click, academic staff can gain a holistic view of each student's full profile including course schedules, academic performance, sent emails, appointment notes, early alert history, concern flags, follow-up actions....and more! Symplicity supports integration with campus information systems to further centralize access to student data. 

Plus, Insight provides a My Documents section where an unlimited number of files can be added by the student, staff, or batch imported. My Documents provides a centralized area for students to store essential materials throughout their academic careers. Academic staff can set visibility restrictions and lock documents from student editing. Read More...

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Campus Connections Directory 

Insight's Campus Connections enables students to search a dynamic directory for key contacts (tutors, counselors, assigned advisors, mentors) and offices on campus, as well as approved professionals (dentists, medical practitioners) in the nearby campus community. Participants can control the contact information displayed on their profile and include live links, contact info, and photos. 

Administrators and academic staff can view which students are making connections with which offices, as well as require approval of all contacts joining the network. Contacts can be imported, opted in via the instructor/staff interface, or registered via a customizable online form. Read More...

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Enterprise Appointment System

Insight unites student support services by providing robust and intuitive appointment scheduling tools that can be used by individuals and offices all across the campus. Each office can easily manage its weekly availability using our Staff Availability Matrix. Appointment details instantly sync with Google or Outlook calendars, and a reminder is sent to students by social media, text message, or email.   

Our online appointment request form enables students to view time slots in real-time. Students can be pre-assigned to staff members and only routed to their availability, or use the customizable filters to locate and request appointments with tutors, mentors, counselors, instructors, and more! Read More...

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Student Tracking System (STS)

Looking for a way to measure student traffic to your office? The Student Tracking System features swipe card technology so you can track student activity, including study halls, events, group advising, counseling sessions, tutoring, use of equipment, testing center activity, and pre-existing or walk-in appointments.

And it's convenient - students only need to swipe their student IDs or punch in their student ID number, then select the reason for their visit from the customizable dashboard. Appropriate staff are instantly alerted when an appointment has arrived and can see the student in Insight's virtual waiting room. Read More...

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Powerful Reporting / Predictive Modeling Tools

Insight's reporting and assessment tools provide unmatched real-time access to all system information, so you can generate reports on any fields within the system. You can even include details imported from external information systems, such as your learning management or student information system. All reports can be exported to Excel with a click, or Insight's Quick View reports instantly convert predefined data sets to charts and graphs. 

Create general overview reports on traffic to an office or event attendance, or report on specific details such as appointments by staff member, number of early alerts by type entered in a given semester, or see exactly how many students received and benefited from math tutoring. Use Insight's expansive reporting capabilities in conjunction with our assessment tools to develop custom reports to track first-generation students. Save and store these reports to identify retention trends. Read More...

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Customization Tools

Every client is unique, and most institutions want to tailor their system's functionality and look and feel to mirror their existing workflow and precise vision. Knowing our customer's desire for interface control, we provide ultimate customization and configuration capabilities. This is critical when it comes to early alert management and tracking students with predictive factors. Insight offers full customization capabilities so that you can capture, search, and export the fields of information most important to your office.

Administrators can access our easy-as-Word Form Builder to instantly add sections, fields, and response areas (from star ratings to simple Yes/No fields). Our text editor allows staff to instantly update tab and field names on the fly. Read More...

Security and Compliance

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Symplicity regards safeguarding data as the highest priority of our organization. Many companies claim to secure your data, but we back it up with frequent independent audits.

Since our inception, Symplicity has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student and employer records to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Read More...

Powerful integration options

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Data Synchronization

Do you use Sungard, Datatel, PayPal, Ellucian, or another student information system? Do you currently utilize a fundraising system or merchant services provider? Working with more than 500 institutions for more than 15 years, Symplicity delivers seamless systems integration. 

We offer online integration via web services or batch synchronization to ensure the core information in your systems is always up-to-date.

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Calendar Integration

Symplicity provides full integration with Microsoft Exchange and supports iCal and SyncML so that you can easily synchronize with Outlook, Lotus, and Google calendars, as well as any mobile device. 

The personal calendar shows your schedule for the day/week/month. You can also view a colleague's meeting availability - all from a single web interface. Our visibility controls ensure that only authorized staff may view private events and appointments.

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Authentication Integration

Make your software even easier to use by integrating your portal with single sign-on (SSO) or shared authentication. We support CAS, Shibboleth, uPortal, Luminis, LDAP, Active Directory, and many other options!

Flexible pricing

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Whether you are a small institution or a large public university, Insight offers an extremely customizable and affordable solution that supports campuses of all sizes.

Our pricing is simple. There are no hidden costs and various price points are available, making Insight a smart decision for campuses of all sizes!

We’re here to help

Insight's support team is comprised of former higher education practitioners that have years of experience using Symplicity systems as a client. We know how important great customer service is to our advising center partners and have many easy ways to reach out to our friendly Insight support experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your system fully integrate with our Information System?

A: Absolutely! Insight supports full connectivity with university information systems using systems integration best practices and methods such as sFTP and/or web services-SOAP. Other integration methods are also available upon request based on the institution's preference.

Q: Is there online and telephone support available? Online self-help?

A: Symplicity provides technical support 24/7/365. Additionally, live online and telephone support is available between the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. We also provide context sensitive online help, detailed user manuals, cheat sheets, and training videos at your fingertips through our client extranet!

Q: Is Symplicity focused on student support services and academic intervention?

A: Absolutely. The Insight Group is an autonomous organization within Symplicity with sub-groups designated to focus solely on early alert and support services and solely on Insight. We're proud to share that our support team has a combined total of over 100 years of higher education experience - WOW! Built from the ground up by career services, student conduct, health and wellness, and academic advising practitioners, institutions see the fingerprints of our close collaboration with advising and counseling professionals throughout Insight's highly intuitive user interface and feature-rich toolset.

Q: Do you conduct nightly backups? If so, to how many geographic locations?

A: Yes. Symplicity conducts nightly backups in two geographic locations on Symplicity's own server infrastructure. If anything happens to your data, you can rest assured that we have your back. You never need to worry about losing data.

Q: What is the process for training?

A: The Insight Group offers both onsite training and unlimited web-based training. Training sessions are conducted by former higher education practitioners who have implemented Insight before and have a deep understanding of the product at the higher ed administrative level. Additionally, you'll have your own training specialist completely concentrated on your needs during the transition.

Q: Can Insight be utilized by multiple offices on campus?

A: Symplicity has experience setting up multi-office environments at numerous colleges and universities across the country. With Insight's rules engine, sophisticated appointment scheduling system and reporting may be configured to the specific requirements of decentralized institutions. This sophistication provides both consolidated data reporting and collaboration across offices.


“Insight provided us with a way to grow our advising process in a new and exciting way. Before Insight, Pulaski Tech Advising used a walk-in advising system. As we grew, it was going to be crucial to make better use of our students’ time. Insight was the exact product we needed. We started using Insight for our New Student Orientation process as well. Now every student who comes to Pulaski Tech uses Insight to make an advising appointment during their enrollment process. In just one year, it has been a tremendous transformation. Student feedback was very positive!“

Zachary Perrine
Director of Advising and Career Services
Pulaski Technical Colleg

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