Student Command Center

Residence web designers place a strong emphasis on the resident’s user experience, and in doing so, have created a one-stop-shop command center for students to access all necessary housing information.

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Paperless applications

The Student Command Center allows Housing and Residential Life Offices to deliver an unlimited number of fully customized housing applications and other web forms to prospective residents in real-time.

And go paperless by replacing print housing applications with easy-to-access online forms that enrolled students may seamlessly submit with a click.

Modern roommate matching

Pairing up compatible roommates has never been easier! The Command Center features a fully customizable lifestyle builder so that all students may share information about their sleep schedule, study habits, and more.

Powerful social networking tools allow residents to browse a community of anonymous profiles, find “best fit” prospects, and easily connect and share additional information.

Quick and easy room selection

When can I select my room? How do I make my selection? No need to worry! The Commander Center is equipped with a real-time countdown clock and helps take the stress out of the room selection process.

Before your time comes, browse available room including interior and exterior photos, cue up your favorite locations, and when it’s your turn, pick your room with a click from any device: PC, laptop, iPad, or smart phone.

"My Housing" Dashboard

Who is my roommate? Which meal plan did my mother select? The Student Command Center brings everything together on a unified housing dashboard.

And we integrate with your institution’s student portal and authentication systems so that students have seamless online access to their housing contract, payment history, roommate info, key assignment, meal plan, and more!

Online Applications

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Residence provides colleges and universities with the unique opportunity to move all aspects of their housing application process online.

Residence provides both students and parents with a faster and easier application process while streamlining application review and acceptance for housing operations staff and saving the institution thousands of dollars annually.

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Streamlined application process

Go paperless by replacing print housing applications with easy-to-access online forms. Then, utilize Residence’s dynamic student profile filters to distribute custom applications to prospective residents who may then submit all necessary information online.

Further streamline the application process by integrating Residence with your institution’s student portal and authentication systems providing students with seamless online access to all applications that they qualify for.

Unlimited, fully customizable forms

We understand that not all campuses are the same. You may require different housing applications to support multiple campuses, unique student needs, and different living spaces such as apartments or learning communities.

Residence solves this problem by delivering an unlimited number of fully customized housing applications that feature an unlimited number of custom steps, form fields, embedded contract, payment options, built-in lifestyle questionnaire, and more.

Do you have other online forms that you need residents to complete and administrators to process? No problem – use our application form builder to develop and post any form, from a room change request to a lost key, so that students may quickly submit online requests in real-time.

Flexible workflow

The application may be online, but what happens once the form is submitted? Residence aligns with the institution’s current housing application workflow so that pending applications may be reviewed in a timely manner and approved with a click of a button.

Like many institutions, you may have different staff members responsible for various locations – we have you covered! The Residence online application routing system queues and sends real-time notifications to specific residential life and housing staff depending on the location and status of the application.

And once applications are approved, students and parents automatically receive rich, professional looking confirmation letters providing all of the necessary information to ensure a pleasant experience with your college/university – no surprises!

Roommate Network

Whether enabling incoming freshman to more easily find a compatible roommate, or providing returning students with a method to facilitate larger group building, the Roommate Network is fast-becoming one of the Residence product’s most popular features.


Go paperless

Do you study late into night? Perhaps you an early riser? Students were often asked to complete paper questionnaires so that housing administrators may pair up compatible roommates. Well, students may now put down the pen and paper and open up a web browser to complete an online lifestyle profile.

With Residence, colleges and universities may post an unlimited number of customizable lifestyle questions, which helps to optimize the roommate matching process and ensure that incoming residents meet a baseline level of compatibility and often a more harmonious living experience.

Facilitate connections

The ubiquity of Facebook has propelled institutions to strongly consider adopting online social networking tools, empowering students to seek out prospective roommates anywhere, anytime. Residence also provides your students a fun and interactive, yet anonymous, methods to search for compatible matches online, and then share contact information and Facebook/Twitter pages with a click of a button!

While the social networking in Residence is self-fulfilling for residents, at the same time, the product provides administers with complete control – determining precisely which fields may be searched by students and which lifestyle profile fields display, all while guaranteeing completely anonymity for all participating residents.

And take Roommate Network a step further by providing each resident with a unique Residence-generated Roommate Code that may be shared with a high school class mate or a new friend from New Student Orientation to help facilitate real-time self-matching.

Smart Assignment Engine

Revolutionize your assignment process with the most flexible, fully automated computer system for roommate matching, room placement, and selection time assignment.

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Auto-assigned in 30 seconds or less

Do you spend more time than you would like reviewing housing applications and combing through spreadsheets as you attempt match up freshmen with roommates and place them into rooms?

With the Residence Smart Assignment Engine, Housing Operations and Residential Life staff may access any easy online tool, select from an unlimited number of custom variables, and click [GO] – all freshmen room assignments are automatically generated and no technical expertise is required! It is that easy to optimize your assignment process, and you will undoubtedly wonder how you ever did without it!

Online room selection lottery

If you find assigning rooms to new students time consuming, organizing the selection process for returning students can be even more challenging. That’s where we come in!

The Smart Assignment Engine allows housing administrators to save countless hours running their lottery by automatically generating lottery numbers and their respective selection windows!

Want to implement merit-based lottery? No problem! Our powerful, yet easy-to-use algorithm builder provides a robust menu of options for non-technical staff to select, from class year to credit hours to matriculation date, to unlimited number custom variables. Then, just sit back and let our servers do all the work. Believe it or not, it only takes a few seconds for residents to receive their selection time slot!

A better experience for students

For a resident who may be anxiously awaiting senior housing selection, the selection process should be more fun than stressful, and the Residence Student Command Center is equipped with a real-time countdown clock and helps make room selection process transparent and worry-free.

As a resident, before your selection time arrives, you may browse available room including interior and exterior photos, cue up your favorite locations, and when it’s your turn, pick your room with a click from any device: PC, laptop, iPad, or smart phone.

Placement and Meal Plan Management

We help take the guesswork out of placement and meal plan management with Residence’s powerful online tool set.

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Easy placement and room changes

We make it easy to place students in rooms outside of your typical lottery/assignment process. Information is available to you when you need it with up-to-the-second precision.

And changing room assignments is as easy as a couple clicks at any time during a semester. Additionally, all prorated charges/credits associated with room changes are automatically generated, tracked, and sent to university financial systems as-needed.

Coordinating summer conferences is a snap! Conference and camp coordinators may access a conferencing specific interface to add, approve, and upload their campers and conference attendees. 

Powerful batch options

Our primary goal is to enable Housing Operations and Residential Life staff to spend less time at the computer and more time out and about!

Residence’s numerous Batch Options make that possible enabling staff to confirm placements, swap assignments, rollover placement to the next semester, send contracts, process conference assignments, and more with a click.

At-a-glance room inventory

Need to move a resident a single-room during the middle of the year? Need to place an incoming transfer student? It’s easy with our next generation Room Inventory tool allows staff to pinpoint the best possible open room slot.

And Symplicity’s Web Design Team has been working overtime to ensure that navigating the inventory is smooth and intuitive for administrators – displaying room attributes and vacancy statuses in real-time and enabling you to seamlessly slide residents into their ideal room!

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Dining choices made easy

The more meal plans you offer, the most complicated it can be for students. Luckily, Residence features an easy online Meal Plan Manager!

Residents to browse all available plans at any time, see the specific details of each, and select the right plan for them either during the housing application phase or any time thereafter.

Comprehensive meal management

Students often need to change plans and submit payments on-the-fly, and we’ve got you covered! While you may allow students to change campus dining plans online, you may also choose to lock meal plans at any point during the semester.

And all prorated charges/credits associated with meal plan changes are automatically generated, tracked, and sent to university financial systems as-needed. Residence also fully integrates with all merchant services providers to allow for instant payment.

Does Summer Conferencing need different meal packages?  No problem!  Residence's Summer Conferening module allows insitutions to set up meal plan options that are only offered to conference groups. 

Room Conditions and Keys

We recognize that Residential Life staff require modern online tools in order to be effective. Residence’s Move In/Move Out Manager, Room Conditioning System, and Key Manager features provides everything they need!

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Movin‘ in

The move in process can be hectic, so we developed an online interface for resident assistants, as well as others in Residential Life, to process incoming residents on-the-fly.

Now, during move in, you can just simply fire up an iPad, roam the halls, and formally check students in, assign keys, submit initial room condition reports in seconds!

And from the Residence Student Command Center or our Self Check-in Kiosk, incoming residents may verify the initial room condition of their assigned space in real-time.

Movin’ out

If you thought moving in was easy, moving out is even easier! Resident Advisors and Assistants may access an easy-to-use interface to process each checkout by submitting a final room condition report, notating any damages, and logging key returns.

And with our self-checkout Kiosk, you may streamline the process even further by allowing residents to complete the entire transaction from a touchscreen on their way out the door!

Better room conditioning

With decades of experience in Residential Life, the Residence Team knows that tracking room conditions can be one of the biggest headaches.

Luckily, Residence is equipped with a fully customizable room conditioning form that tracks the condition/status of each and every room attribute, and this form may be submitted online by Resident Advisors/Assistants from any device.

Residents then receive a real-time online alert to confirm both the initial room condition assessment, as well as the final room condition, upon move out.

Is a particular unit susceptible to wear and tear? You’ll know with Residence as historical room conditions are tracked by term so that Residential Life staff may see both the current condition as well as view room condition trends over time.

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Comprehensive key management

We know that keeping track of all of the various key copies and key cores can be challenging, so we developed a complete Key Inventory System where all key assignments, key statuses, and key conditions are tracked in real-time from a user-friendly dashboard.

Do you have both older and newer facilities? Key cards and metals keys? No problem! Our Key Inventory System is fully customizable so that Residential Life and Facilities staff may keep track of an unlimited number of key types.

How many key cores are available? With Residence, you can look up the status and location of each and every key core on campus.

Faster, easier invoicing

Not only does Residence make it easier to track wear and tear, it also streamlines the tracking and billing of damages with an easy online Invoice Generator.

Residential Life and Facilities staff may simply punch in a quick damage description(s), related charges, and Viola! The resident will receive a real-time invoice notification with the ability to hop online and pay the bill with a click.

Student Directory

A well-organized resident database is essential for housing operations and residential life offices to effectively meet the needs of the students that they serve.

In Residence, all related information, from meeting notes to the room assignment history is aggregated into a complete, holistic student record. We also capture relevant information from all Symplicity systems across the campus for staff to look up with ease.

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Holistic student record

Access a student’s entire history at the institution from one page including past housing applications, lifestyle survey(s), room assignment history, previous meal plans, and more.

Take institutional retention efforts a step further by seamlessly pulling down key data from other Symplicity products such as Advocate, Horizons, or Community.

Convenient systems integration

We have systems integration experts on staff, so it is straightforward to synchronize core student information from your institution’s student information system (SIS).

Data auto-populates for students, making the online application process super-convenient, and beyond that, deep systems integration ensures that staff will have the most comprehensive information possible on each resident at their fingertips.

Easily track notes and attachments

Was the student fined for having a damaged desk? Or maybe a fire safety violation? Never lose track of your notes and related files again!

Comprehensive notes from student interactions are easily keyed in and any/all files, from photos to documents, may be uploaded into each resident’s directory record for your future reference.

Reporting & Analytics

The integrated reporting engine can generate reports based on any data contained within the Residence platform. Easily generate reports on available inventory, room conditions, billing, and much more.

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Data and trends at your fingertips

Residence’s reporting engine is so easy to use, there’s no need to contact Symplicity to run a report for you. And you certainly don’t have to wait for a program developer to yield results from your system. Residence’s reporting module gives you the power to report on your data and review trends instantaneously. We provide pre-canned reports for your convenience.

You can report on trends by location, housing type, or numerous other qualifiers. Pull information on individual residence halls on campus, or report on specific groups, such as learning communities.

Generate customized reports

Create a customized report in just a few clicks, and manipulate the data in Excel to create a visual representation of housing trends.

Use the flagging feature in our system to report on specific students, rooms or buildings. Any data you collect in Residence is available to you for reports and analysis.

One-click analytics

View statistics pertinent to students, rooms, inventory, and more by utilizing Residence’s analytics tool.

Report back to other key stakeholders at your institution by pulling overall summary statistics and identifying certain housing trends.

Online Customization Tools

Every office is unique, and most administrators want to tailor their system's interface to align with their precise vision. Knowing our customers' desire for interface control, we provide ultimate customization and configuration capabilities.

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Your forms, your way

Every office is different and wants their online forms set up according to their preferences. Our Form Builder gives you the flexibility to add, remove, or edit any field (dropdown, text, etc.) on demand.

You can choose the field’s location, modify instructions, and set dependencies so only certain fields are visible to particular students/administrators. After adding a new field, it is automatically reportable.

Is a certain room going to be unavailable for occupancy next semester? No problem! Our Picklist Manager allows you to update dropdown menus and checkbox choices in real time.

Communicate with a personal touch

Residence’s custom workflow comes complete with personalized emails and notifications. After important actions are taken in the system, administrators can send a personalized letter from your office that includes all the necessary information for the housing process. We support HTML content and unlimited attachments.

Set conditions and rules on-the-fly

Would you like to route particular housing assignments to certain personnel based on location? Based on the students requesting housing? Residence’s rules engine allows you to route information based on your select criteria.

Security and Compliance

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Uncompromising data security

Since our inception in 1997, Symplicity has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student and employer records to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Many companies claim to secure your data, but we back it up with frequent independent audits. Our facilities are SAS70 Type II compliant and provide the world-class security IT departments expect. For a list of our current accreditation guidelines, view our awards and certifications. You can breathe easy knowing that Symplicity is vertically integrated, which means that we never outsource hosting services, support, or web development. Your relationship is exclusively with Symplicity, and never with a 3rd party vendor behind the scenes.

Meet and exceed HIPAA and FERPA obligations

Residence offers several features to assist institutions in meeting their HIPAA and FERPA compliance obligations. We ensure secure connections by end users and system administrators, and all connections are fully encrypted.

Access to our servers is provided on a need basis and all users require authentication. All data contained within the system is controlled by you, the client.

In addition, Residence employs user account management using role based access control. This means that only the staff you authorize can access specific information, such as a student documents and case notes.