VOICE™ Higher Education is a web-based constituent relationship management (CRM) system specifically designed for college and university campuses. With this product, office staffs have the ability to effectively collect, track, route and interact with constituents through a single, web-based environment.

Product Features

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Constituent Management

Our constituent management product stores all contact and interaction data in one, centralized web space. You'll be able to review constituents' designations, group affiliations, household relationships, topics of interests and/or other profile factors quickly and without roadblocks.

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Correspondence Tracking

We'll manage and record every contact via VOICE's unique "Inbox" functionality. From outbound one-to-one emails, faxes, phone calls, bulk email campaigns or segmented direct mailings, to communications received — all communication is recorded, tracked, and managed.

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Advanced Scheduling

By providing comprehensive group scheduling, calendaring and event management systems, we'll enable your staff to schedule appointments, create agendas, set travel itineraries and more — all in a few clicks. The scheduling system also fully integrates with the constituent management module to effectively track specific constituent interactions and correspondence records to help you better prepare for each event.

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Case Management

Empower your office staff. Case management allows for seamless interaction between students, alumni, parents, administrators, visitors, faculty, or departments through integrated task management, project templates, and GANTT charts.

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Advanced Search

Searching should be quick and easy. Our search function enables staff to easily search a subset or the entire database within VOICE™ using partial text, similarity and wildcard characters.

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Reporting and Dashboard

These tools provide step-by-step wizards to create ad-hoc reports and dashboards on every field in the database. Reports may be saved, downloaded to Excel and generated into PDF and HTML for seamless creation and distribution.

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Fully Customizable Interfaces

Office staff can create custom fields, control page layouts and apply workflow rules and email notifications to customize VOICE™ to meet their needs.

Powerful integration options

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Data Synchronization

Do you use ellucian™, Oracle™, Jenzabar™, or another enterprise platform? Symplicity’s dedicated Systems Integration Team delivers sophisticated integration with student information and financial systems via web services, sFTP, and other methods.

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Calendar Integration

Symplicity provides full calendar integration via CalDAV, SyncML to ensure key events and start times synchronize with users' calendar applications and devices.

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Make your software even easier to use by integrating your portal with single sign-on or shared authentication. We support LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, uPortal™, Luminis™, Active Directory™, and many other options.

Flexible pricing

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Regardless of campus size, VOICE CRM offers an extremely customizable solution that supports multiple offices and campuses of all sizes.

Our pricing is extremely simple with no hidden costs and is based on your total amount of users and offices with price points that make VOICE a smart decision for campuses of all sizes!