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Unemployment rate in 2020 for those with a disability was at 12.6percent, the highest mark in seven years, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  For higher education institutions, the most recent data from 2016 found that 20percent of undergraduates reported having a disability and more than 90percent of all colleges enroll students with a disability.

This means that a significant portion of college students have a form of disability whether visible or otherwise. With Symplicity CSM and Accommodate, institutions can connect disability services to the career services office so that staff can become advocates for those in the disability community to find them meaningful work.

Careers for All: The Necessity of Building an Inclusive Workforce

Symplicity hosted a conversation on accessibility in career services with Carlos Taylor, program manager at the Gregory Fehribach Center which provides internships for students with disabilities. Taylor, who is legally blind, reflected on his experience navigating his own career journey and the work and outcomes of the center. Taylor was joined by Tonya Gaskins, Assistant Dean of Career and Professional Development at The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law. This discussion was part of our annual CSM Symposium user conference. 


Designed to support an institution-wide approach to student success, Symplicity's products CSM and Accommodate break down the departmental silos that are often the barriers to offering a fully holistic student experience. 

For more than 20 years, Symplicity's integrated products have been solving the challenges of multiple vendors and technology tools used in different departments, IT inefficiencies (data integration, training, and data security), students having multiple systems to log into, and departmental end users using different tools for different situations and variation from one campus to the next.

If students have activity related to career development, we can send that data from CSM to the student profile sections of Insight and Accommodate/Access. This provides staff users of those systems a way to see if students are making progress on their career development.

If students have activity related to career development, such as an uploaded resume, or CSM logins, we can send that data from CSM to the student profile sections of Insight and Accommodate/Access. This provides staff users of those systems a way to see if students have engaged with the career services department, encouraging more collaboration across departments.


Connecting students to relevant experiential learning programs based on their academic plan, engagement, and interests. Easily manage, track, and assess experiential learning programs to better serve student

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Untapped Potential: Connecting Career Services to the Disabled

As employers across the globe look to expand their recruiting practices, many are missing an opportunity right in front of them: the disabled community. Within hiring practices, there is an untapped potential with a record number of people quitting their jobs, leaving many companies in a lurch to fill those roles: the disability community. At a time when employers are looking for talent, career services staff can connect to the disability services office to find untapped talent and build better campus relationships. 

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3 DEI Recruiting Efforts to Incorporate Amid the ‘Great Resignation’

Diversity hire leader, Arthur Woods, writing in the Harvard Business Review says that the ‘Great Resignation’ is an opportunity for companies to really evaluate their diversity hiring. For his book Hiring for Diversity, Woods studied over 100 organizations and found that fewer than half (47 percent) accounted for disabilities in their diversity hiring practices and only 11 percent accounted for hiring on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

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