Expand Student Employability with our Curated Job Feed

We created the Curated Job Feed to save you time and allow you to provide even more opportunities for students beyond what is posted directly to your school.


Jobs are curated through the combination of our proprietary technology, human review, and partnerships with organizations such as Idealist. 

To make sure the opportunities are the most relevant, the feed can be customized based on the geographic location, job sources, and degree level. Students can view opportunities from employers such as T-Mobile, IBM, Citi, Unilever, the Clorox Company, and many more!

Not wanting to spend your entire day approving job posts? Once the Curated Job Feed is turned on for the jobs you want, all posts can be set for auto-approval! 

Ready to turn on Curated Jobs or have more questions? Contact your Client Manager or fill out the form today!

Our proprietary technology and team of human curators will scan through hundreds of thousands of jobs and internships from sources outside the CSM network to provide more relevant opportunities to undergraduate job seekers.

traditionally underserved students by delivering a new stream of high-quality, relevant jobs in their field.

Increase the number of opportunities posted in your job board by thousands of jobs per year.

Diversify your feed by providing more opportunities from employers you may not be engaged with today.

Approve all Curated Jobs first and direct interested students to employer websites to apply.