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Recruiting Through Career Centers

Campus career centers are an extremely helpful resource for any organization hoping to develop or improve their campus recruiting strategy. Career centers are well-versed in understanding the needs of employers and how to help make the recruiting process as efficient and painless as possible. Traditional industry hiring is typically laborious for recruiters, as it involves a lot of legwork in identifying where to find the best candidates. The beauty of working with a campus career center for student recruiting is that career centers have the process streamlined from beginning to end and can aid employers with little to no cost.

Top Perks of Recruiting Through Campus Career Centers

Recruiters enjoy countless perks when collaborating with campus career centers in recruiting high-quality entry-level talent. Some of these top perks include:

  1. Job postings – Career centers allow companies to post student and graduate positions on their career boards.
  2. Resume books – Career centers can provide recruiters with a resume book that contains the consolidated resumes of available and qualified student and new graduate candidates.
  3. Interview rooms – Most career centers have fully equipped interview rooms for recruiters to utilize for on-campus interviews.
  4. Salary data – Career centers collect salary data from numerous organizations and create guidelines based on this data as a reference on average salaries per type of hire (ex. co-op, intern, full-time graduate) as well as per industry.
  5. Networking events – Partner with career centers to receive invitations to networking events such as career fairs, case competitions and industry nights where you can meet prospective hires.
  6. Alumni resources – Career centers provide the ability to tap into the school’s alumni program as an additional sourcing tool.

Another upside to partnering with the career center is the ability to gain insight into what your competition is doing to attract students. The career center works with many different organizations, including your competition, and can share best practices other companies use to recruit students. When participating in campus recruiting activities, whether it be career fairs, interview days or panel discussions, you will also meet other corporate recruiters, which is a great opportunity to network and discuss best recruitment practices.

Campus career centers are cognizant of students’ schedules for each academic program and will ensure that networking events and interviews are scheduled at times when students will be available to attend. Attempting to conduct your campus recruiting strategy independent of the career center may mean you end up trying to recruit students during times when they are on break or taking exams, and as a result will be less responsive or entirely unavailable.

How to Collaborate With Career Centers to Recruit Students

The student career center is where students go first to learn about the career opportunities available to them. If you establish a solid relationship with the career center, it, in turn, will be sure to share your organization and its opportunities with students who are interested in your industry. The reputation you develop with career center staff will translate directly into the reputation you have among students on campus. In addition, if you articulate your company’s recruiting goals clearly, then the student career center can help promote these goals to students. For example, if a student expresses interest in joining a company that values diversity and inclusion and focuses on incorporating these virtues into their organization, the career center will be able to share the names of companies they are aware of that have strong diversity and inclusion programs.

Career Center Recruitment Events

There are multiple opportunities available to promote your organization and its exciting opportunities to the student population. To be aware of these opportunities and which are best for your organization to participate in, it is crucial to partner with career centers. Representatives at the career center can help you drive your campus recruitment strategy and build your brand on campus.

The career center will help you identify the different events to attend to attract the right candidates. These events can include career fairs, information sessions, conferences and on-campus interviews. Many of these events are by invitation only and have limited space for companies to attend, so ensuring you have a great relationship with career centers and are always top-of-mind will likely guarantee you receive an invitation to participate in these events.

Recruit Through Career Centers to Generate Buzz

The career center can also help generate buzz about your organization’s on-campus recruitment events. The center will actively promote to students the details of your event, which helps to increase attendance. Career centers have access to students via word of mouth, posters around the school, or online through social media and their website. Be sure to discuss with career centers how you can work together to leverage their communication channels with students as much as possible.

Recruit Through Career Centers to Promote Open Opportunities

It is also extremely important to promote your open opportunities through career centers’ job boards. Not only is it important to create an impactful job posting, but it’s also crucial to ensure it gets noticed by the right students. Working closely with career center staff will ensure your posting is advertised to the right groups of students. Once you have created your job posting, you can send it separately to each of the multiple target schools you are working with; or, to save a considerable amount of time, simply upload it to Symplicity Recruit, which will automatically post your job to all your target school job boards with the click of a button.

Leverage Career Center Survey Data to Help With Recruitment

Did you know that many schools conduct annual or semi-annual surveys to identify the top employers for their school? If part of your recruiting strategy includes becoming a well-known brand name on campus, then you can work with the career center to find out what students value the most and why certain companies make it to the top of the list. The career center has the inside scoop on the student population and what is meaningful to them. Leveraging your relationship with the career center can provide you access to inside intelligence on what candidates are looking for, which, in turn, can help you build a more impactful and targeted recruitment strategy.

Establishing a strong relationship with your target schools’ career centers is important for ensuring campus recruitment success. The goal of career centers is to help their students pursue and obtain careers that align with their education and interests, and the goal of organizations is to find students that align with their needs and goals. Collaborating with campus career centers ensures that all parties’ needs are met and that the recruitment process is a win-win for both students and employers.