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Across the globe Symplicity CSM’s Experiential Learning (EL) module has helped higher education institutions increase participation, enhance campus collaboration, and provide departments with robust student reporting on internships, co-ops, and other outside the classroom experiences.

This module enables institutions to better serve their students and identify touch points. Easily adaptable to any university, no matter the size or number of departmental staff, Symplicity’s EL module has allowed universities the flexibility to utilize the module for their university’s needs more than any other vendor in the field.


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Symplicity’s EL Module Offers

  • Customization to fit your institution, no matter how big or small;
  • Robust documentation of all experiential learning opportunities
  • Easy-to-use platform;
  • Enhanced data to utilize for end-of-semester reporting;
  • All-in-one messaging system that allows you to cross communicate to employers, students, departments, etc.;
  • Track student experiential learning hours, documentation, accreditation, and communication

A Solution to Streamline Student Success

Our aim is to empower students and staff with a modern, fully flexible workflow that seamlessly integrates with your institution's employability goals. CSM offers not only includes a customizable workflow, but a robust customer support from the implementation process and beyond.


Enhanced Tracking
& Reporting

  • Provides college leadership with valuable data to enhance their university retention and employability goals
  • Gain back valuable time with by easily pulling year-by-year comparison reports without endless streams of paper
  • Easily communicate with both students and employers for evaluations, signatures, student checklists, and more

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Any time our team wants to brainstorm utilizing CSM in a new way or implement a new program through CSM, the Symplicity support team will always go above and beyond to make sure we’re happy and that we’re getting the most from the system."

Dr. Kyle Roark
Florida State University

"It was the customization that was the selling point because departments don’t like to all do the same thing. They have different hour requirements, types of questions, and evaluations. To be able to share data from within the Experiential Learning module with faculty means they don’t have to chase down particular employers at the end of the semester—they can just automatically send out the evaluation forms through the system."

Melissa Medlin
University of North Alabama

"What’s kept us with CSM is the great great innovation within the system that still remains very customizable... and they have one of the best customer service functions within the industry. If we’ve ever had issues with systems going down or upgrades the response is really great and people very personable, friendly, and make it a great way to interact. I have only great things to say."

Christine Arsenault
University of Toronto, Scarborough

Our Experiential Learning Solution supports

High-impact practices

Service learning

Experiential teaching

Study abroad/study away

Field placements, labs, & demonstrations


Creative Inquiry

Leadership Development


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