By Victoria Chapa in Announcements, Career Services, Events posted: Jul, 29th 2014

CSM Symposium ’14: By the Numbers

Last month, we hosted our annual CSM Symposium right here in Washington, D.C. More than 270 CSM users from all over the world joined us to discuss the future of the industry, discover innovative best practices and campus initiatives, and explore how the career services platform continues to evolve to meet the growing needs of career services offices.

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By Victoria Chapa in Best Practices, Residence Life posted: Jul, 24th 2014

Room Condition Reporting Done Right

Many of you are new to the Symplicity blog and since this is my first post, I decided it would be best to take this opportunity to outline what I hope to cover in the posts ahead.

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By Victoria Chapa in Announcements, Events, Student Conduct posted: Jul, 23rd 2014

The Best of Advocate: Summer 2014 Update

We updated Advocate this week. Here’s what’s new to the student conduct and behavioral intervention platform.

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By Victoria Chapa in Best Practices posted: Jul, 11th 2014

Quick Tip: 5 Easy Steps to Editing Text in Your System

Have you ever looked at your system and wished you could add more of your own lingo to it? You can! The Text Editor* allows you to quickly change text that managers and students see in the system. Here is an example of a manager user changing the wording for the “Home” page:

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