By Cristina Restrepo in Career Services posted: Jun, 26th 2015

Tips for Students: Show Your Appreciation When Networking

When students are searching for a job, they need to know that gratitude matters. In order to differentiate themselves from the thousands of other candidates, students need to know how to network and build positive business relationships; this starts by demonstrating basic courtesy, but there are plenty of other things they can do to demonstrate appreciation and make a positive impression on the people who could help them launch their career.

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By Victoria Chapa in Student Conduct posted: Jun, 24th 2015

Webinar Recap: Title IX Series, Part I: How to Be Prepared: Hot Topics and Difficult Issues

116 schools currently under investigation. More than $17 million spent by institutions between 2011 and 2013. A rise in complaints from 32 in 2013 to 102 in 2014. Ask any higher education professional: Title IX is a crucial topic for all institutions right now, and the stakes are high.

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By Cristina Restrepo in Announcements, Best Practices, Events posted: Jun, 18th 2015

CSM Symposium ’15: What Did You Learn?

“Our shared goal is getting your students hired.” – Bill Gerety

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By Cristina Restrepo in Best Practices posted: Jun, 4th 2015

Creating an Online Community in MOOC’s

A massive open online course (MOOC) can use several tools to educate college students. Unfortunately, many online courses forget about the importance of community. Students attending classes on campus automatically get to participate in a community. Online classes that want to offer a higher educational experience need to find ways to create communities where students and instructors can ask questions, provide feedback and hold conversations.

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By Cristina Restrepo in Career Services posted: Jun, 1st 2015

Where Do Students Want To Move?

Cities like New York and Los Angeles have always attracted more than their fair share of recent college graduates. Professional opportunities are a large part of this draw, but college students also seek the cultural and social diversity that these cities offer. For many, a dynamic arts scene, rich nightlife and other young people are critical to their professional decisions.

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