By Cristina Restrepo in Student Conduct posted: Mar, 30th 2016

How to Create a Campus Threat Assessment Team

Maintaining a campus culture that feels safe and welcoming is a huge priority for many institutions. However, there are times when an incident happens that causes students to feel uneasy about walking around or even just being in class. That is why it is important that campuses develop a Threat Assessment Team, also known as a Title IX team, which is put together by the higher education organization to create intervention strategies in the event that something should happen, and to also develop awareness on campus.

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By Victoria Chapa in Announcements posted: Mar, 24th 2016

Symplicity Partners with Bico Savant

Symplicity has partnered with Bico Savant to expand its suite of higher education products and services into Mexico.

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By Cristina Restrepo in Study Abroad posted: Mar, 14th 2016

Avoiding College Debt by Studying Overseas

The United States has one of the highest average undergraduate tuition rates in the world. This has created a situation that forces students to make difficult choices. Recent trends are showing American students choosing to attend college overseas, where they can expect to get more for their money.

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By Cristina Restrepo in Disability Services posted: Mar, 2nd 2016

Accommodate All Your Employees Equally This Year

Providing equal, fair, and timely accommodations has been an important issue for all businesses and organizations, from colleges and universities to corporations and nonprofits. An employer with strong accommodation services is more likely to attract and retain talented job candidates and keep them happy. Implementing accommodation efforts is more than the right thing to do; it’s also the smart thing to do.

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