By Theresa Bibeau in posted: Jul, 28th 2016

The New Clery Act Handbook: A To-Do List for Administrators

Campus security and student conduct personnel are most likely already aware that the Department of Education released an updated edition of The Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting on June 23rd. However, with a full 265 pages of critical information, some administrators may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start in the process of reviewing the handbook.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Study Abroad posted: Jul, 27th 2016

3 Questions Students Should Be Able to Answer Before Studying Abroad

Taking a study abroad opportunity is one of the best moves a student can make to foster their personal and intellectual growth. That being said, they will often need some guidance in preparing for their trips, making a game plan and developing goals for themselves. Below are three questions students should be able to answer before they depart for their overseas adventures.

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By Cristina Restrepo in Career Services posted: Jul, 22nd 2016

3 Must-Read Books for Academic Advisors This Summer

As a great academic advisor, you don’t take summers off. While the students are away, you build up your skillset and come up with new strategies to ensure that you can provide the best support possible and ensure that your students graduate on time. You recognize that your job is not just advising your students on how to meet their prerequisites; your calling is to provide support. So while the students are away and you are considering hitting the beach or just sitting on your porch enjoying the summer weather, consider reading these three books.

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By Elliot Golden in Career Services posted: Jul, 21st 2016

Final Rule of the Fair Labor Standards Act in Higher Education

What does the Final Rule of the Fair Labor Standards Act mean for Higher Ed Professionals?

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By Theresa Bibeau in Best Practices posted: Jul, 20th 2016

Better Your Students’ Experience with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a hot trend for higher ed in 2016 as more colleges and universities realize the importance of utilizing data to foresee students’ future needs. Once a school has discovered an efficient method of data collection, the next step is to figure out how to use this data to glean meaningful results and act on them accordingly. There are countless ways to take advantage of your data going forward to improve your students’ experience, along with your school’s success and retention rates.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Residence Life posted: Jul, 14th 2016

How to Foster a Thriving Campus Community

Your campus culture is an imperative part of ensuring the best possible student experience. Creating an enriching campus community fosters emotional and intellectual growth, leading to the best possible student success rates (and ultimately, increased retention rates for your school.) While students should naturally keep their studies their primary focus, it’s also incredibly important for them to develop relationships with other students and have memorable, valuable social experiences to supplement their academic learning.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Announcements posted: Jul, 8th 2016

Symplicity Earns MBA CSEA Badge of Approval

Symplicity is excited to announce that we’ve been endorsed by MBA CSEA for our impeccable standards in MBA career outcome reporting capabilities. The MBA version of our flagship product, CSM, includes a tool called Landed that collects career outcomes data in accordance with MBA CSEA standards. Within CSM, this data can then be aggregated into over 30 standardized report formats.

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By Ronit Rosen in Best Practices, Study Abroad posted: Jul, 7th 2016

Streamlining Program and Scholarship Applications

Horizons Tips & Tricks: “Streamlining Program and Scholarship Applications”

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