By Elliot Golden in Disability Services posted: Aug, 30th 2016

Why Accommodate Matters to Federal Contractors

Many are familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, a landmark bipartisan civil rights legislation that guaranteed protections for people with disabilities. The law not only provides federal guidance and requirements concerning disability accommodations, but also extends to ensure people with disabilities are given appropriate access to public and commercial facilities.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Residence Life posted: Aug, 24th 2016

How to Create a Community Within the Residence Halls

In recent years, colleges and universities have been putting more emphasis on separating themselves from the outdated “dorm” image. A dorm is a building that students merely live in, whereas the residence hall of today is intended to be its own small community – a mini-ecosystem, almost, in which students can find comfort and support. So how do you create residence halls that maximally achieve this goal? Here are four suggestions to help.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Student Conduct posted: Aug, 18th 2016

How Ontario Universities Can Overcome Their Challenges Managing Sexual Assault

An independent research group funded by the Ontario government has recently released a report titled “The Response to Sexual Violence at Ontario University Campuses”. This report highlighted what the investigators believed contributed to challenges for colleges and universities in Ontario, Canada in preventing sexual assault on their campuses and establishing fair and supportive adjudication processes. These findings include a recommendation for Ontario higher education institutions to urgently act on improving the support for identified victims and protecting other students from facing similar trauma.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Student Conduct posted: Aug, 16th 2016

Preventing Alcohol-Related Sexual Assault on Campus

It’s an undisputed reality that the majority of sexual assaults that occur on college campuses involve alcohol. In most cases, either the assailant has consumed alcohol, the victim has, or both. The results of any sexual assault on campus are devastating to a campus community, and preventing alcohol abuse on campus could have a huge impact on the prevalence of sexual assault overall.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Student Conduct posted: Aug, 9th 2016

What’s Behind Student Infractions?

One of the most difficult parts of a student affairs professional’s job is addressing student infractions. While college is a time of experimentation and exploration, higher education professionals are responsible for maintaining boundaries that keep students (and the campus community) safe and focused. When student conduct violates your policies, it’s critical to apply consequences fairly and do whatever you can to redirect that student’s behavior. Often, one infraction and trip to the Dean of Student’s office is enough to get a student back on the right track. Sometimes, however, there are deeper issues at play. How do you know when an infraction is a symptom of a larger issue that needs to be addressed?

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By Alicia Freeland in Advising, Best Practices posted: Aug, 3rd 2016

Insight: Working the Nuances of the Appointments Module

Insight Tips & Tricks: “Working the Nuances of the Appointments Module”

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