By Theresa Bibeau in Student Conduct posted: Sep, 30th 2016

5 Ideas for Participating in the It’s On Us Week of Action

From October 9th – 15th, It’s On Us is leading the Week of Action movement towards eradicating sexual assault on college campuses. It’s On Us is a dedicated organization that seeks to inform schools and students about what can be done to eliminate sexual assault at higher ed institutions.

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By Cristina Restrepo in Career Services posted: Sep, 28th 2016

The Relationship Between Academic Advisors and Career Services

Students enter college with the hope of finding a pathway into their careers. Many expect that their academic program will unfold in a way that supports this objective. In conversations with academic advisors, students often want advice about how their courses will support their life after school is over.

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By Melissa Witte in Best Practices posted: Sep, 22nd 2016

CSM: Customizing the Login Screen with School-Specific Imagery

CSM is the ultimate career services management tool used by over 1,400 career centers worldwide. It connects students to potential employers and allows career services staff to simplify all of their tasks into one centralized resource.

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By Mayr Makenna in Best Practices, Residence Life posted: Sep, 13th 2016

Residence: Customizing the Roommate Matching Invite

Residence Tips & Tricks: “Customizing the Roommate Matching Invite”

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By Victoria Chapa in Announcements posted: Sep, 6th 2016

Meet Matt Small, Symplicity’s New President & CEO

Symplicity is excited to introduce Matthew Small, our new President & CEO. With more than 20 years of higher ed experience, Matt comes to Symplicity from Blackboard Inc., where he held various leadership positions including Chief Business Officer and President, International.

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By Cristina Restrepo in Residence Life posted: Sep, 1st 2016

Helping Students Pick a Major Come Fall

Helping students pick a college major is one of the most important tasks of an academic advisor. On the one hand, you want to provide support to your students as they figure out what they want to do. On the other hand, you need to ensure that when they graduate, your students are prepared for what comes next. All students are different, and when you are advising them, you should not provide the same set of suggestions every time. The best thing you can do is ask questions to determine their individual priorities and move on from there.

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