By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Feb, 21st 2017

Improving the Career Services Offerings Rated Least Effective by Students

NACE (The National Association of College and Employers) conducted a survey at the end of 2016 that yielded some valuable feedback about students’ perceptions regarding the usefulness of various career services offerings. The survey compared effectiveness ratings given by first-generation students to the effectiveness ratings given by non-first generation students, so we took the average of both groups of students’ scores to identify the offerings rated lowest in effectiveness.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Feb, 8th 2017

CSM Blocks Over 600 Potentially Fraudulent Employers in a Month

In December, we announced that CSM was adding additional protection to make sure your students don’t fall into a fraudulent employment trap. One of these added features was aggregated community reports that allow schools to collaborate in warning other schools about suspicious job-posters. Another feature was “suggested next steps” that CSM will provide to users before they approve a job-poster so the user can determine whether an employer looks legitimate or not.

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By Elaine Dorsey in Career Services posted: Feb, 6th 2017

CSM Strengthens Job Recommendations with Big Data

The ultimate goal of CSM is to connect students with valuable employment opportunities, and with CSM’s newest update, the smart-matching tools that recommend jobs to students will become even more powerful.

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