By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Mar, 29th 2017

Keeping Your Career Center Relevant to Students

Your career center is an infinitely valuable resource for students who are looking to find a job, land an internship or just generally prepare for entering the world of their chosen profession. Unfortunately, though, it can sometimes be a challenge to get the word out to students about all the resources available to them through their school’s career center. It’s scary to think that some students may not even know your career center exists, but it’s a reality for many schools. Whether you’re facing an extreme case of students not even knowing they have access to a career center or a more minor issue of students not knowing the full breadth of their career center’s offerings, it’s important to have a strategy in place to spread awareness to students about what their career center can do for them.

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services, Events posted: Mar, 23rd 2017

Why CSM Clients Abroad Need to Attend CSM Symposium ’17

Every year, hundreds of CSM clients from both the US and abroad fly in for CSM Symposium, the most important annual event for networking with other career services professionals and learning how to maximize your CSM system. Last year, we were in New Orleans and this year, we’ll be meeting in beautiful Indian Wells, California. For many clients in the states, CSM Symposium is a given, but why should you fly in if you are from an institution abroad?

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Mar, 20th 2017

How to Instill in Your Students the 3 Traits Most Important to Employers

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) conducted a survey in August of 2016 that yielded some interesting results in terms of what employers care about the most when sorting through candidates’ resumes. The top three traits that employers seem to prioritize the highest, based on this survey, are a candidate’s ability to work on a team, their problem-solving skills, and their communication skills. So how do you ensure that students at your institution are fully prepared to be scrutinized by employers in these areas?

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Mar, 8th 2017

How to Get Students Excited About Career Fairs

Career fairs are instrumentally important in a student’s path to connecting with potential employers, but they have to be well-implemented events to effectively keep students engaged. A poorly organized career fair defeats the purpose of having one, because students will become frustrated and attendance rates will drop. So how do you make sure your career fair keeps students interested and involved?

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