By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: May, 31st 2017

Helping Students Find Jobs: Connections Beyond the Career Center

Hopefully, your students know about the resources available to them through your career center’s various offerings. In an ideal world, they’d apply for jobs through your school’s job board regularly, attend career fairs, and that would be enough for them to land a perfect entry-level position. For some students, though, additional resources will be needed, […]

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By Thomas Jepsen in Career Services posted: May, 25th 2017

UK Embedding Employability Into Every Step of the Higher Ed Journey

Last week, we heard Sir Paul Curran, President of City, University of London talk at Universities UK about embedding employability into the end-to-end student journey at their university, from the admissions process until after graduation. It is an important point, as all too often students only consider employment options a couple of months before they […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: May, 23rd 2017

Your Students’ Summer Employability Checklist

The spring semester is over for most institutions, and while some students will be busy taking more classes over the summer, others will have several months that are more or less totally open for them to work on their professional skills and build additional experience. This might not be the ideal plan for some students […]

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By Nicholas Standage in Career Services posted: May, 22nd 2017

CSM Enterprise Addresses Career Services Trends in the Middle East

Universities in the Middle East have been signaling for some time that they are ready to step ahead and make their mark in the global university leagues. Recently, universities in the UAE have been making much heavier investments in IT infrastructure and educational technology – in fact, the education sector counts for approximately 24% of […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Career Services posted: May, 18th 2017

3 Ways Career Centres in Singapore Approach Internships & Placements

Last week, the international Symplicity team visited various higher ed institutions in Singapore and explored what the key focuses are in their career centres. The importance of internships and placements was an overriding theme for these institutions, and for good reason – evidence suggests that placements and work experience enhance academic performance and employability skills. […]

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By Melissa Witte in Career Services posted: May, 15th 2017

Increase Student Engagement with Career Services Using Job Widgets

Job Widgets are a great tool that can be used to increase student engagement with your CSM system by allowing you to publicly display basic information about the jobs currently posted. The jobs displayed in each widget can be targeted to a particular type of candidate or group, and the list of jobs can display […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: May, 9th 2017

Future Workforce Survey: What Students Need to Feel Career-Ready

McGraw Hill Education recently conducted and completed an analysis of their 2017 Future Workforce Survey, which collected data about how prepared students feel about finding a job after graduation. According to the survey analysis, “Fewer than half of students surveyed feel very or extremely prepared for their professional career,” which is certainly a troubling reality […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Student Conduct posted: May, 2nd 2017

What The Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Act Means for Schools in Manitoba

On Friday, April 28th, officials in Manitoba, Canada put into action a new law that outlines how Manitoba universities must act in order to prevent and handle instances of sexual violence on campus. According to CBC News, “An estimated 15 to 25 percent of female post-secondary students experience sexual assault or attempted sexual assault during […]

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By Dani Jung in Residence Life posted: May, 1st 2017

New Flexible Matching Feature Adds Robustness to Residence

With the upcoming update, Residence will provide even more options for setting criteria for students to be paired together during the batch assignment process. “Exact matching” allows your team to determine the most important criteria for having successful roommate matches, whereas “flexible matching” will provide your team with the ability to determine which answers should be […]

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