By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Jun, 29th 2017

Screening Candidates in Your Career Services Platform: Why It’s So Important

Connecting students to internships or post-graduation work improves not only the success of your students and alumni, but the reputation of your institution by creating positive employment outcomes to report and advertise. That being said, matching the right students to the best opportunities for them can get complicated. Employers who seek your collaboration in sourcing […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Announcements posted: Jun, 28th 2017

Symplicity’s 2017 Best Places to Work for Recent Grads Survey Returns!

Each year, Symplicity recognizes companies that create environments where recent grads can flourish. Show us why entry-level talent should want to work for you. Winners earn the privilege of joining the exclusive Best Places to Work Club. Many will enter, few will win – now’s your chance to earn the coveted #BPTWclub title. We pick […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Career Services posted: Jun, 22nd 2017

Microplacements Vs. Internships: Similarities and Differences

Job training methods vary dramatically in the international community. Some governments play a major role in preparing young adults to launch their careers; for example, offering students the opportunity to attend college at no cost. Others have extensive state-run apprenticeship programs, job corps opportunities and similar, but most rely on partnerships with private industries to […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Events posted: Jun, 20th 2017

CSM Symposium ’17 in Indian Wells, CA: Recap

Last week, Symplicity hosted its annual CSM Symposium in beautiful Indian Wells, California! Clients from all over the world met to network, exchange tips and learn how to best utilize their systems. There is always an expectation that attendees will come away from CSM Symposium with a wealth of new knowledge about taking advantage of […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Jun, 9th 2017

Use Employment Outcome Data to Combat Prospective Students’ Fears

In our current day and age, many students and their families are terrified of the cost of college and the impending risk of student loan debt. Because of this, prospective college applicants are more concerned than ever with receiving a “return on education.” They are sometimes paying up to $100,000 or more on furthering their […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Career Services posted: Jun, 7th 2017

Brave New World: What to Expect With the New DLHE and LEO

With the adoption of sweeping changes to the DLHE survey methodology, as well as the introduction of Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO), the age of big data and advanced analytics has finally hit UK education at the government level. As is typically the case, such drastic changes are already causing a tidal wave of consternation, fret […]

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By Matt Small in Announcements posted: Jun, 6th 2017

Announcing the Symplicity Partner Program!

In our work with more than 1,200 clients around the world, we understand how important it is for career services centers to deliver the best job growth and career development solutions to their students and alumni. We also see firsthand the frustration when they are required to roll out multiple disconnected solutions that lack integration […]

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