By Theresa Bibeau in Student Conduct posted: Jul, 27th 2017

What You Can Do to Make Greek Life on Your Campus Safer

Sexual assault, date rape, accidental deaths from drinking or drugs at parties – all stories we hear far too frequently in the context of Greek life at colleges and universities. Not only are events like these completely devastating to an institution’s community, but they can also be devastating in terms of reputational consequences and lawsuits. […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Jul, 20th 2017

Why Your Career Services Management Tool Can’t Ignore Alumni

Alumni are critical to your institution in several different ways, from providing networking opportunities to your current students to impacting your school’s reputation and even impacting your institution’s financial standing as it relates to donations. If your career services management tool has no way to service alumni after they graduate, this could be hurting your […]

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By Hu Naqvi in Career Services posted: Jul, 17th 2017

What We Can Learn From the Swiss Approach to Employability

Did you know what you wanted to be by the 10th grade? Swiss students do – well, they are at least highly encouraged to. By the grand old age of 15 or 16, students in Switzerland are encouraged to make a career choice from about 230 different options, which they can then specialise in within […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Jul, 14th 2017

Five Core Strategies for Innovating Career Services & How CSM Can Help

Jeffrey J. Selingo and recently published a piece titled, “Reimagining the Career Center,” which is being highly circulated in the arena of higher education professionals. His piece explores different approaches career centers can take to reinvent the way they deliver career services to students. Regardless of which of these two core approaches career centers decide […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Current Events posted: Jul, 12th 2017

Takeaways from the UK AMBA’s Employers Forum

At AMBA’s Employers Forum, hosted at Warwick Business School at the Shard, Brexit unsurprisingly was at the top of everyone’s mind. It is AMBA’s 50th anniversary, and the challenges that business schools are facing in the UK are more prevalent than ever. These UK business schools are concerned about the job market post-Brexit and beyond. […]

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By Nicholas Standage in Career Services posted: Jul, 11th 2017

Symplicity Ensures That Higher Ed Is Meeting the Changing Employability Needs in South Africa

The Symplicity team has met employability leaders from educational institutions and the government in South Africa to discuss how universities and colleges can further develop students’ tangible and intangible skills so that they can become more employable and ultimately find jobs. Youth unemployment in South Africa exceeds 50%, and colleges and universities have a responsibility […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Jul, 7th 2017

Why Do You Need Customizable Administrative Rights in Your Career Services Management Platform?

The biggest threat to data security in career services management platforms isn’t always from cyber-criminals. Most issues involving lost or altered information occur when authorized administrators have unlimited access to view and edit data that is unrelated to their job function. Small errors can lead to big problems in the form of incorrect or unauthorized […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Student Conduct posted: Jul, 6th 2017

How Bill 132 Affects Higher Ed Institutions in Canada

In response to a number of high-profile sexual assault cases across Canada, “Bill 132, the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act (Supporting Survivors and Challenging Sexual Violence and Harassment)” was passed in Ontario in the spring of 2016. The law has been enforced as of September 2016. Bill 132 affects both workplaces and universities, […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Career Services posted: Jul, 5th 2017

What Is the TEF in the UK and What Does It Mean for Universities and their Career Centres?

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is a newly developed method of ranking higher education institutions in the UK. The TEF places Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) into three categories, with ratings determined by the quality of student education and the success of students after graduation. How do universities and their career centres react to the advent […]

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