The New Ascend is Here!

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We’re excited to start off the 2015-2016 school year with a brand-new interface and applicant experience for Ascend! Here is what our admissions partners at campuses everywhere can expect in this update:

New Applicant Interface: The look and feel of Ascend is cleaner and easier to navigate–all while keeping the system packed with all the tools you need.

Simplified Applicant Workflows: There are additional features that will make the application process easier. For instance, applicants can now drag-and-drop files into their application.

Embedded Links: You can now link your Ascend signup/login page to your school’s website!

Events Connected to Google Maps: Applicants can find events following the Google Maps event location information linked to their Ascend event page. Social Media Integrations: Sync your school’s Facebook and Twitter feeds to the applicant interface for instant updates!

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