By Theresa Bibeau in Study Abroad posted: Jul, 27th 2016

3 Questions Students Should Be Able to Answer Before Studying Abroad

Taking a study abroad opportunity is one of the best moves a student can make to foster their personal and intellectual growth. That being said, they will often need some guidance in preparing for their trips, making a game plan and developing goals for themselves. Below are three questions students should be able to answer before they depart for their overseas adventures.

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By Ronit Rosen in Best Practices, Study Abroad posted: Jul, 7th 2016

Streamlining Program and Scholarship Applications

Horizons Tips & Tricks: “Streamlining Program and Scholarship Applications”

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By Cristina Restrepo in Study Abroad posted: Mar, 14th 2016

Avoiding College Debt by Studying Overseas

The United States has one of the highest average undergraduate tuition rates in the world. This has created a situation that forces students to make difficult choices. Recent trends are showing American students choosing to attend college overseas, where they can expect to get more for their money.

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