By Alana Ripy in Career Services, Experiential Learning posted: Aug, 1st 2019

The Rise and Reason for Experiential Learning

Colleges and universities are increasingly focused on integrating experiential learning programs into their curricula in an effort to foster career-ready graduates. According to Susan Ambrose, senior provost for educational innovation at Northeastern University, experiential learning is all about “connecting theory to practice, in a real-world authentic setting, that has real-world constraints and parameters and consequences […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: May, 9th 2017

Future Workforce Survey: What Students Need to Feel Career-Ready

McGraw Hill Education recently conducted and completed an analysis of their 2017 Future Workforce Survey, which collected data about how prepared students feel about finding a job after graduation. According to the survey analysis, “Fewer than half of students surveyed feel very or extremely prepared for their professional career,” which is certainly a troubling reality […]

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