By Cristina Restrepo in Announcements posted: Dec, 17th 2018

Expanding Our Presence Internationally [Part Three]

In Part One and Part Two of our end-of-the-year recap series, we talked about the new CSM features made available in 2018 and our efforts to improve client success. This week, we’ll focus on our efforts to bring Symplicity to an international audience. We acquired new companies, developed strategic business partnerships, enhanced our services and […]

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By Cristina Restrepo in Announcements posted: Dec, 10th 2018

Enhancing Our Capabilities, Improving Client Experience [Part Two]

Last week, we covered the most game-changing enhancements we made to CSM to help institutions deliver positive employment outcomes. This week, we’ll dive into this year’s efforts to improve client experience and bring our clients together to share best practices and grow our network. This year, we’ve significantly ramped up our training efforts and given […]

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By Cristina Restrepo in Announcements posted: Dec, 4th 2018

Furthering Innovation and Student Engagement [Part One]

With the year drawing to a close, the Symplicity team is looking forward to a successful 2019 and looking back at some of our greatest accomplishments of the year. This three-part blog series highlights this year’s efforts to provide the most innovative solutions for student success and become a strategic partner for universities to deliver positive […]

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By Adam Crick in Announcements, Best Practices, Career Services, CSM posted: Oct, 16th 2018

Can Your Students Spot Scam Job Postings?

With so many different types of job boards available to students, how can your institution keep your students safe from scams and fraud? When students apply for jobs, they are asked to share their personal data with employers at their request including phone number, home address, and more. Students place their trust in your university and career services team as they discover, connect and eventually apply to postings on your university employment portals.  In a recent article from The University […]

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By Adam Crick in Announcements, Best Practices, Career Services, CSM, Experiential Learning posted: Oct, 1st 2018

The Most Innovative College-to-Career App is Here!

For over 20 years Symplicity has strived to create the most ground-breaking student employment solutions in the market. As part of our ongoing efforts to enable students with the tools to build meaningful careers, we’ve updated our mobile application – Symplicity Jobs and Careers – with new functionality to empower students to go from college […]

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By Adam Crick in Advising, Best Practices, Career Services, CSM posted: Sep, 21st 2018

How Early Career Advising Can Lead to Better Post-Graduate Outcomes

Each student’s pathway to graduation varies, but what types of activities will lead to better outcomes? Some students do not start their job search until graduation is right around the corner, while others may start a year before. EAB, a higher education consulting firm, conducted a survey involving 6,000+ recent graduates from five large public […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Career Services posted: Oct, 19th 2017

It’s All Change – How AGCAS Shed Light on the Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At the AGCAS conference in September, there was one overriding theme: change. Change within universities and with their employability agendas, change in how career services are delivering support to students, change in governmental higher education policy and changes in the UK and international job market. One of the hottest topics relating to change was the […]

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By Hu Naqvi in Career Services posted: Oct, 17th 2017

The Retirement of the DLHE Survey: Conversations Need to Start Happening

In light of the upcoming retirement of the DLHE survey in favour of the Graduate Outcomes Survey, all eyes and ears are focused on what’s next. In a recent article, Naomi Oosman-Watts, Assistant Director, Careers Service at Newcastle University offered recommendations for a new model of working. Our latest whitepaper supports the article’s recommendations, arguing that as the need […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Sep, 8th 2017

Helping Students Pick Part-Time Jobs for the Semester

With students back on campus after summer vacation, many of them are seeking part-time jobs to help pay their tuition or living expenses. No job that a student has should just be a “job” though, and as a career services professional, you should help students find part-time jobs that will actually benefit their careers in […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Aug, 31st 2017

Tips for Integrating Career Services with Academic Learning

The skills gap is a well-documented issue that employers cite about recent graduating classes, but the skills gap isn’t solely an issue of either a lack of hard skills or soft skills alone. In order for graduates to have the best chances of securing employment after graduation, they need a combination of both. “More jobs […]

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