By Alana Ripy in Events, Student Conduct posted: Dec, 20th 2019

Improving Reporting for Australian HE Institutions

In the last decade, there have been great strides made by colleges and universities across the globe to address the mental health concerns of their students. Australian universities, however, need to provide more for their students when it comes to mental health. For example, an article in The World University Rankings reported that while Australian […]

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By Alana Ripy in Current Events, Student Conduct posted: Oct, 17th 2019

Encouraging Campus Safety with Better Reporting

Sexual assault and sexual violence continue to be at the center of Title IX discussions on college campuses. The staggering evidence of sexual assault and misconduct keeps colleges and universities constantly looking for ways to improve their behavioral prevention and case management system. A recent survey conducted among 33 major universities, published in The Washington […]

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By Alana Ripy in Student Conduct posted: Nov, 30th 2018

How Betsy DeVos’ Proposed Title IX Plan Will Affect University Conduct Offices

Sexual assault continues to be a widespread problem across higher education institutions in the United States. Over 90% of sexual assault victims on college campuses do not report the assault. These rates are especially higher among women of color and LGBTQ students. This may be out of fear of disbelief, stigma or multiple other reasons […]

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