By Cristina Restrepo in Best Practices posted: Oct, 9th 2017

Webinar Recap – Investment in Assessment: How Students Intern and Learn

In today’s changing employment landscape, teaching students the proper skills to be successful in the workforce is of the utmost importance. However, a recent study from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) revealed that students consistently rank themselves as prepared in areas where employers do not agree. For this reason, universities should invest […]

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By Theresa Bibeau in Career Services posted: Aug, 31st 2017

Tips for Integrating Career Services with Academic Learning

The skills gap is a well-documented issue that employers cite about recent graduating classes, but the skills gap isn’t solely an issue of either a lack of hard skills or soft skills alone. In order for graduates to have the best chances of securing employment after graduation, they need a combination of both. “More jobs […]

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