By Caroline Tolond in Career Services posted: Oct, 19th 2017

It’s All Change – How AGCAS Shed Light on the Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At the AGCAS conference in September, there was one overriding theme: change. Change within universities and with their employability agendas, change in how career services are delivering support to students, change in governmental higher education policy and changes in the UK and international job market. One of the hottest topics relating to change was the […]

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By Hu Naqvi in Career Services posted: Oct, 17th 2017

The Retirement of the DLHE Survey: Conversations Need to Start Happening

In light of the upcoming retirement of the DLHE survey in favour of the Graduate Outcomes Survey, all eyes and ears are focused on what’s next. In a recent article, Naomi Oosman-Watts, Assistant Director, Careers Service at Newcastle University offered recommendations for a new model of working. Our latest whitepaper supports the article’s recommendations, arguing that as the need […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Current Events posted: Jul, 12th 2017

Takeaways from the UK AMBA’s Employers Forum

At AMBA’s Employers Forum, hosted at Warwick Business School at the Shard, Brexit unsurprisingly was at the top of everyone’s mind. It is AMBA’s 50th anniversary, and the challenges that business schools are facing in the UK are more prevalent than ever. These UK business schools are concerned about the job market post-Brexit and beyond. […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Career Services posted: Jul, 5th 2017

What Is the TEF in the UK and What Does It Mean for Universities and their Career Centres?

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is a newly developed method of ranking higher education institutions in the UK. The TEF places Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) into three categories, with ratings determined by the quality of student education and the success of students after graduation. How do universities and their career centres react to the advent […]

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By Caroline Tolond in Career Services posted: Jun, 22nd 2017

Microplacements Vs. Internships: Similarities and Differences

Job training methods vary dramatically in the international community. Some governments play a major role in preparing young adults to launch their careers; for example, offering students the opportunity to attend college at no cost. Others have extensive state-run apprenticeship programs, job corps opportunities and similar, but most rely on partnerships with private industries to […]

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By Thomas Jepsen in Career Services posted: May, 25th 2017

UK Embedding Employability Into Every Step of the Higher Ed Journey

Last week, we heard Sir Paul Curran, President of City, University of London talk at Universities UK about embedding employability into the end-to-end student journey at their university, from the admissions process until after graduation. It is an important point, as all too often students only consider employment options a couple of months before they […]

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