Meaningful employment or just another job?

Symplicity partners with universities to enable meaningful student futures through challenging times. University investment is being scrutinised more than ever and with that you are being expected to do so much more with less. At Symplicity, our focus is innovation and delivering value for UKI universities; closely supporting enhanced impact for the university and your students a time that they need it most.

Our commitment respects university commercial pressures, but not at the expense of the quality and the highest-standards, so important right now.

Watch our webinar and hear how Symplicity CSM, the world's leading, high-quality, feature-rich employability platform can very effectively underpin your efforts with a partnership focused on mutual success.

Learning outcomes:

  • Virtual Career Fairs, jobs, student engagement AND analytics all in one highly robust solution
  • Customise the experience and excite students to increase engagement with your careers team
  • Data security and integrity is a core value of Symplicity; your data and more importantly your students data remains safe, secure and private
  • Positively influence your employability metrics and university rankings.

Symplicity CSM has evolved through many years of close partnership with many Universities, large and small... we see ourselves as a close to perfect fit for most universities and are keen to align our efforts as we strive for greater impact. More than 1,500 institutions across 37 countries rely on CSM daily to enable meaningful careers for their students; together we are doing a lot right!

This webinar shows you how CSM universities are ‘Doing More, with More’, taking full advantage of our best-in-class careers enablement platform, underpinned by a business model which puts the university needs ahead of all else.


Frank Griffiths - Head of Europe; Symplicity

Nicholas Standage - Strategic Consultant; Symplicity


Help your students prepare for their future from day 1 of their university life with Symplicity CSM.

“Symplicity always listens to the universities that they partner with and are always rolling out improvements and enhancements to the system regularly."

Scott Green, Information Technology Support Specialist, Georgia Institute of Technology

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