Advocate Flex

The next generation of case
management for conduct, wellbeing,
complaints & sexual misconduct

Build custom workflows to manage cases for conduct, well-being, complaints, sexual misconduct, and more with easy reporting on key metrics and critical programs.


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Manage all case types in one place

with an intuitive interface

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Support unique case management

across the entire university

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Increase automation

to ensure compliance & mitigate risk

Maximize student success with customizable end-to-end workflows and automation for case management to support the entire institution with easy reporting on key metrics and critical programs.

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Efficiency Redefined: Advocate Flex Transforms Case Support at Kennesaw State University

Today, with Advocate Flex, KSU has reduced processes that used to take 20+ minutes down to less than 10. The system's user-friendly interface, automation, and robust features have improved efficiency and allowed for more proactive and purposeful engagement with students. With Advocate Flex, KSU evaluated its case management processes to determine what they actually need and the information most useful to them.

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What sets Advocate Flex apart?

  • Rebuilt from ground up to address evolving student wellbeing landscape
  • Listened to and innovated based on feedback from our university clients
  • Manages all types of cases
  • Supports the entire university
  • Ensures compliance and mitigates risk
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Greater level of automation
  • Robust reporting and analytics


What is Advocate Flex?

Advocate Flex (formerly Flexible Workflows) allows clients to build end-to-end custom workflow systems. It has been available to clients in “Beta” format as Flexible Workflows, so you might already have talked to your Client Manager about this exciting new component of Advocate.

How did Advocate Flex begin?

We observed trends in the market that show conduct is no longer the only challenge campuses are trying to solve – it's expanded to well-being, academic integrity, Title IX, DEI and more. 
We also know conduct related cases have a direct impact on retention and​ compliance is becoming a larger issue – so we built ADV Flex as your solution.

What type of cases is Advocate Flex used for?

Advocate Flex can help with these cases:

  • Student conduct
  • Employee conduct
  • BIT case tracking
  • CARE/Wellbeing
  • Counseling services cases
  • Title IX/IPV/SASH
  • Clery Act compliance
  • Discrimination complaints (age, race, disability, religion, etc.) under Titles VI, VII, etc.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion incidents
  • Residential Life/housing infractions
  • 504/ADA disability/access accommodations
  • Academic Integrity violations
  • Incident tracking for campus safety/law enforcement
What types of departments can use Advocate Flex?
Advocate Flex can support these departments:
  • Student Conduct
  • Human Resources
  • Title IX/IPV/SASH
  • 504/ADA
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Academic entities
  • Residential Life
  • Campus Safety
  • Multiple Campuses
  • Multiple Colleges
Can I use Advocate Flex across multiple departments?

Yes, definitely! You can use Advocate Flex for as many departments as you would like thanks to our privacy settings and holistic views - you can be confident that the data in each department will be private. 

I'm an existing Advocate client and I'd like to learn more.

Advocate Flex may be available for you. Please contact your client manager to learn more. 

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