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Located just outside of Washington, D.C. in Reston, Va., Revature was looking for an additional tool to help expand and streamline their recruiting efforts. As the leading employer of emerging technology talent in the United States, Revature’s goal is to improve equity and diversity within technology through its unique two-year employer training program.

Those hired by Revature gain real-world experience by learning in-demand technology skills such as Salesforce, Full stack Java, Python, etc. through hands on projects. Once completed, Revature associates can be placed with one of their clients, including Fortune 500 organizations, systems integrators, and government organizations.  

Using another vendor, the Revature recruiting team had to manually import all their candidate resumes from one system to another, stealing valuable time and resources away from Revature’s broader recruiting goals while also not reaching the candidates Revature was seeking. To enhance these efforts, Revature turned to Symplicity Recruit to expand and streamline Revature’s recruiting efforts and brand awareness.  

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Everything Revature does centers on closing the opportunity gap by developing individuals with the skills necessary to be successful software engineers. Revature hopes to train one million programmers within the next ten years. “We know we need tools and platforms like Recruit to achieve this goal,” says Wendy Buck, Associate Director of Marketing at Revature. “We really do believe we can make a difference to help close this opportunity gap and that talent is created equal, even if the opportunities that currently exist are not.” 

With Symplicity Recruit, Revature can forgo the manual resume input, but instead keep everything within one system and allow the recruiting team to streamline their efforts to identify and reach quality candidates. Using Recruit’s Global Search tool has enabled Revature to reach candidates who are actively searching for a job and invite them to apply.

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With Recruit’s Global Search tool, Revature can specify parameters for the kind of candidates they are seeking. “Through Recruit, we are able to easily look for candidates that fit a candidate profile we are looking for and easily reach out and see if they would be interested in applying,” says Buck. At Revature, the recruiting team isn’t just looking for individuals to join a training program, they’re looking to hire.

“When you join Revature, you’re not just joining a training program, but you’re applying for a job and the opportunity to launch a technology career, regardless of major,” says Buck. Revature is able to work in tandem with Recruit’s customer services and all-in-one platform to ensure it stays true to its mission.  


With Recruit, Revature has been able to strategically reach out to a variety of candidates, including those who are often overlooked by organizations only looking to hire from top-tiered programs and universities, ignoring potential talent opportunity that could provide new insight and background to a company.

Revature now can scout hidden talent at lesser-known institutions and communities for talent by posting job descriptions through university partnerships on the Recruit platform.

“It’s been beneficial to have a tool like Symplicity to reach a wider population of job seekers."   


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