Our Support Team

Chris Guzek

Chris Guzek is the Senior Director of Global Client Success where he leads Symplicity's global customer success teams that support clients throughout the U.S, Canada, Latin America, and EMEA. Chris and his team are responsible for the entire process post sale and, ultimately, the life of their partnership with Symplicity.

A graduate of James Madison University, Chris has spent the past 17 years working to support higher education and K-12 institutions achieve their goals through a thoughtful and dynamic partnership focus. Chris brings his years of experience and customer centric approach to the process and programs that make Symplicity a differentiator in the market. Since joining Symplicity in 2017, Chris has ensured that Symplicity’s internal process and support technology stack allows for clear visibility and goals alignment to successfully meet the ongoing challenges that institutions face.

When he’s not ensuring Symplicity’s clients are successful, Chris spends his time raising 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 12 chickens with his wife in Culpeper, Virginia and can be found either in the mountains hiking or fly fishing.