Public Reporting & Campus-Wide Notifications

  • Provides a single location for students to alert the institution that they are COVID-positive
  • Informs academic departments and faculty of classroom and exam adaptions for impacted students
  • Notifies campus partners of housing, dining, and facility modifications for COVID-positive students
  • Assigns students equipment and assistive technologies if needed during quarantine

A Solution to Help Bring Staff and Students Back to Campus Safely

Our aim is to empower students and staff with a modern, fully flexible workflow that seamlessly integrates with your institution's policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Our offer not only includes a customizable workflow but a free implementation as well as support team access.




Automated Tracking & Risk Assessment

  • Provides college leadership with valuable data on COVID-positive cases and their status
  • Reports on students and employees with temporary adjustments and expirations
  • Assesses students at risk and campus hotspots

What Our Customers Are Saying

With Symplicity's case management, we're able to work from home and do our jobs the same way we would if our office was open. The system itself allows for us to continue supporting students without interruption so our management of student services hasn't been impacted by COVID-19.

Purchase College

Lauren Rodriguez

Purchase College

Having Symplicity's case management system ensures that we are able to do our jobs despite the challenges of COVID-19. It's a really stressful time right now so having the ability to identify and provide what our students need the most is very helpful.

Syracuse University

Paula Possenti-Perez

Syracuse University

I have been thinking often about where we would be if we had not gone paperless. Symplicity has literally been the boat that has kept us afloat in the storm. Although we can't pop into one another's offices to chat about a student, we can easily view each other's notes and comments on a case. Our workflow has not been interrupted as it surely would have been.

Boston University

Stacey Harris

Boston University

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