Taking Advantage of Technology to Improve Student Well-being Securely, Sensitively, Efficiently and with Transparency from the Entire University

A conduct case is a conduct case; true, although conduct cases are rarely identical. Students and institutions deserve every case be it a conduct or well-being case to be analysed independently, as though it were the first of its kind, but also incorporating learnings and experience from past cases. To do this effectively Universities need to be able to see that whole university picture of the student and their incidents across different university support teams such as accommodation to student well being, Symplicity Advocate can give you that picture.

Today’s student is a generation of tech savvy students who take for granted high-quality digital engagement. This webinar will also highlight the power of the digital platform to ensure optimal pre-defined, but flexible workflows, the correct depth of analysis and the ability to securely engage 3rd party entities resulting in fair, correct outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover how by using Symplicity Advocate you can obtain a whole university approach to student welfare
  • Learn how to scale a small student services team with less by taking advantage of detailed analytics
  • Drive more trust in your university from your students

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