The careers services platform for complex and highly customised careers service environments

Driving Student Employability

Enables universities to manage and report on everything a careers service requires to operate within one single platform

Deliver Jobs to Students & Graduates

Enables careers teams to tailor and highly customise their service delivery, aligned to the universities strategic plans

Build and Deliver Custom Processes

Strengthens collaboration between departments and allows you to keep
content private or share collaboratively with others

Enabling universities to manage and report on everything a careers service requires to operate within one single platform

CareerHub is highly configurable components and workflows empower teams to enhance career development and your students’ employability.

Transforming your digital solutions

Over 100+ universities depend on CareerHub as their central employability hub. The platform is a one-stop-shop for managing appointments, events, activities, vacancies and employability.


CareerHub enables you to digitalise your service offering, collaborate through scalable utilisation across multiple teams, and provide tailored services to your students 24/7.


University of Nottingham Case Study

In 2019 the University of Nottingham launched Symplicity CareerHub to further enhance its support for students to exceed their career goals and aspirations.


CareerHub has supported the University of Nottingham to streamline student engagement across all campuses.


Read the Full Case Study Here

University of Nottingham

The highlight for me is the data collection. Having a way of actually doing data collection across a number of very different services, but still being able to have it in one place is the highlight of Symplicity for me.

Queen Margaret University

 We’ve been able to adapt the way that we’re providing student services with CareerHub. And it’s been easy for us to keep track of each student’s journey because all of the notes and student files are kept in the system, so all Student Wellbeing staff members have access and are able to see the whole picture when a student reaches out for support.

University of Derby

The decision to use CareerHub for our graduate outcomes process made the most sense, not just from a time-savings standpoint, but from an overall efficiency standpoint. 

University of Bolton

1,000+ Institutions Worldwide Use Symplicity


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