Centralise and Standardise

Improve quality, productivity, and visibility by bringing your internship management programme completely online. By moving to a digital platform your programme has the potential to become scalable by providing clearer visibility, increasing team efficiency, and reducing process costs.

Automation for success

The Symplicity Internship Module allows for schools to provide a traceable and easy to deliver management and validation process with the added ability to monitor the status of the records, communication and visibility of the process history.

360 View

Both students and schools can manage the internship process from start to finish ensuring accuracy throughout the process.

CSM SIM 360 view

Digital Control

All communications and processes are automated guiding both students and schools to adhere to all official processes.

CSm SIM Digital Control

Automation efficiency

With documentation, processes and analytics all automated your team can give more time and focus to the students themselves while generating cost saving efficiencies.

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