In 2019 the University of Nottingham launched Symplicity CareerHub to further enhance its support for students to exceed their career goals and aspirations. CareerHub has supported the University of Nottingham to streamline student engagement across all campuses.

The best thing about the CareerHub is you can pipe your student data straight into it so students also automatically have access. - Stuart Marriott

Answering the Big Questions

For the University of Nottingham, one of the biggest areas of improvement with CareerHub has been the scheduling module. With CareerHub, the Nottingham careers team can easily make and amend appointments with advisors that can fit in with the students and their own timetables as well as graduates while also providing all the student information in one place; the notes module in particular is really good. In terms of reporting, previously the University of Nottingham used to run on spreadsheets that did not enable the staff to see full student picture, often leaving them frustrated. “It didn’t answer some of the bigger questions like which
students are engaging, or what percentage of students engaged with our office,” says Stuart Marriott, Associate Director of University of Nottingham Career Services.

Managing the Pandemic with

As the 2020 term began, the University of Nottingham was keen to book COVID- 19 test appointments for students anxiously returning to campus. Acknowledging that CareerHub had a powerful and robust booking platform, the wider university turned to the careers team to see if CareerHub could be used to support COVID-19 testing.

Working with the Symplicity team and university colleagues, the careers team enabled CareerHub to underpin students to book appointments for COVID-19 tests. Expanding the power of CareerHub in this way is not a new concept and, in this case, “worked like a dream”. The
university didn’t have to purchase, learn and drive adoption for a new system, there was no requirement for students to set up new accounts and passwords; student’s information was immediately readily available.

Such was the success of this approach for supporting COVID testing for students, the University are now expanding CareerHub to support staff testing too.

University of Nottingham

Looking Ahead

For the University of Nottingham, utilising CareerHub has not only driven improved reporting analytics capability and streamlined processes, but it has also increased engagement as COVID-19 enforced remote engagement. January 2021 was one of the university’s most successful student-engagement months. With this level of engagement, the University of Nottingham is going to be utilising Symplicity CSM’s Virtual Career Fair Module for graduate jobs and internships.

Why Should a University Consider
Symplicity CareerHub?

At the University of Nottingham, Symplicity has been a keen partner in driving positive impact using CareerHub powerful capabilities. From transforming booking systems, driving incredible student engagement through to underpinning university-wide COVID- 19 efforts, Stuart Marriott encourages those thinking about transforming their approach toward driving meaningful careers for students to think about what else the system can do to help solve a university’s problems outside of the career centre. 

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