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Symplicity Access is a proven solution used by 200 universities and colleges to better manage all areas of student disability services, increasing student satisfaction and creating better outcomes.

Coordinating reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities and specific learning differences in all areas of study and life on campus is crucial for building more equitable societies.


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Digitise your disability support plans and provide students with a fast and efficient way to request support, delivering a more unified and inclusive experience which is underpinned by an e-signature system for staff, students and academics when agreeing adjustments.   

Eliminate endless manual processes with the ability to approve reasonable adjustment requests online, ensure fast and cohesive communication with academic schools, and easily track accessibility resources like exam room availability, note-taking personnel, and device inventory.   

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Symplicity Access differentiates itself with its robust reporting features that allow disability services teams to create reports, deliver critical data to key stakeholders and analyse trends. 

Understand the cohorts of students who need the most support, where to allocate resources and which faculties and schools are most effective at putting in place the agreed adjustments. 

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Transform your reasonable adjustment request process by allowing students to seamlessly submit requests online, connect with note-takers, check out assistive devices electronically and more. We’ve helped universities & colleges make the lives of over half a million students easier with a user experience and seamless interface they expect. 

Building equitable and inclusive societies requires young people who leave university to be fully equipped to navigate the world of work, empowered to request support and become a central part of designing any adjustments. That starts with Access and the tools disability departments need to empower their students. 

Impact for your students

Student wellbeing Integrated support plans Increased retention
Enhanced disabled student outcomes Secure and optimised communications Reduced impact on learning


Symplicity Access Benefits

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Enhance your commitment to fostering an inclusive campus

A holistic disability services management platform enables you to provide students with guaranteed early assurances, reduce anxiety about needs being met and eliminate the trend of having to ‘repeat’ requests. 

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Connect into your wider digital ecosystem 

Symplicity Access seamlessly integrates with student information systems through web services, APIs, sFTP, and other methods. It also connects with Google or Microsoft Outlook calendars to display accurate staff and exam room availability, while pulling through course data, tutor and academic information and student profile photos. 

Skills Integrated Data Ecosystem

Manage sensitive information with robust governance 

We don’t just ‘comply’ with security standards. We’re the only service provider in our industry who has achieved a level of security, accountability and process maturity that encompasses ISO-9001, SSAE-18, SOC-2 and ISO 27001 certifications. Comply with GDPR, control access to information and optimise communication across the institution.   

Access Features You'll Love

Integrated disability support plan

Different interface for staff, student and academics

Mobile adaptive and intuitive system

Insightful reporting on resourcing, timings and outcomes

Seamless end-to-end case management process

Communication toolset for sending letters, email, SMS, newsletters and announcements

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