Bringing a unified student experience to your university

Driving Student Engagement

Create a personalised student journey through events, appointments, and skill development activities.

Increase Graduate Hiring Outcomes

Get more students hired by connecting them to millions of diverse employers on one easy to use platform.

Build key relationships with employers

Take employer connections further by delivering interview opportunities, hosting great career fairs, connecting with alumni mentors and more.

A new shift sees universities moving towards adopting institution-wide strategies.

At Symplicity the development of skills in students is no longer considered as the sole responsibility of the Career Services team. Other departments and faculties are already contributing towards the development of employability skills and this involvement will rise in the future.

Unified Student Experience

  • Unified & personalised experience driven by data

  • Single platform agility

  • Support students from their extra-curricular opportunities to their skills

  • Insight on student engagement

  • Enable automation, scale, reach & operational efficiency

Equipping students with a competitive edge

How students prepare for the world of work is constantly evolving.

Identifying students' critical skills, highlighting potential areas for growth and how they can present them to others will empower your students on their employability journey.


Watch the UniHub Skills Webinar On Demand Here

Copy of UniHub Skills Webinar - Certificate 1

“The best thing about the CareerHub is you can pipe your student data straight into it, so students also automatically have access,”

University of Nottingham

“With CareerHub, we can demonstrate actual impact. The beauty of having an online event is that we can tell exactly how many people attended and you can drill down which students spoke with which employers. Whereas on campus, it’s usually a guesstimate,” 

University of Bolton

The highlight for me is the data collection. Having a way of actually doing data collection across a number of very different services, but still being able to have it in one place is the highlight of Symplicity for me.

Queen Margaret University

1,000+ Institutions Worldwide Use Symplicity

Uni of Bath-1

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