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Our solutions link all stakeholders with a comprehensive strategy for the management and support of lifelong journey for students and graduates. Symplicity CSM is multilingual with full Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese support across web and mobile. Educational institutions have a one-stop-solution to manage every touchpoint with each of the key stakeholders, track all related activities, and measure the results.



Symplicity CSM is a state-of-the-art Student life, alumni, and employability solution built with insights from world’s leading institutions throughout past 25 years. At Symplicity, we constantly strive to improve our solutions to ensure that they excel in:

  • The best User Experience
  • Enables Scale of services and Operational efficiencies
  • In depth reporting and analytics for data driven decision making
  • An environment that is configurable and can adapt to our clients' needs
  • Providing a complete feature set of student services

The Impact of CSM

Increase Engagement

Engagement is key for driving satisfaction, ensuring a more meaningful and effective student service approach, and improving retention rates. CSM enables universities to:

  • Position only relevant content to your target audience
  • Provide more access points through a responsive solution that also features a native mobile app
  • Targeted emails, eNewsletters Push Notifications and SMS among other features
  • Configure surveys that can be targeted and forced
  • Track and manage relationships and campaigns through CRM type features for employers and students
  • Manage online and in person student advising with types and availability
  • Launch Automate job search agents powered by machine learning
  • Facilitate professional networking between students and alumni

Improve Operational Efficiency

Every Symplicity CSM feature has been designed based on inputs from the needs of career services from around the world. CSM enables career centres to save time, cut down on operational costs and scale up their services.

  • Manage the complete curricular and extracurricular internship lifecycle
  • Schedule online and in person interviews between employers and students
  • Provide access to a user friendly, configurable, and content rich jobs and internship board
  • Provide direct access to online resources for students, employers, and faculty
  • Promote, manage, and evaluate workshops, information sessions and career fairs
  • Target automated career development activities with tracked progress over time
  • Review CVs management and approval process

Advanced data and analytics

Symplicity CSM reporting engine is the most powerful reporting engine in the market. Our feature allows for unlimited reports that pull insights from multiple features of our solution.

  • Access email analytics with graphical summaries
  • Schedule automated reports with insights
  • Build your own custom visual dashboards with graphical summaries

Integrate with your institutions IT ecosystem

CSM easily interacts with other cloud-based solutions and leading providers. Our teams often engage professional services to tailor the solution to our client's needs. Our clients have access to a:

  • Import data through a secure file drop site regularly
  • Facilitate a single sign on environment for students, staff, and faculty
  • Access a REST API (Application Programming Interface) layer and push and pull data from other solutions at your university

CSM Features You'll Love

Student and Alumni CRM

In depth reporting with graphical summaries

Professional Networking between Mentors and Mentees

Learning and Development through Student pathways

Placement outcomes tracking

Faculty engagement

Native student mobile app with custom push notifications

Internship Management

Virtual Interview Management 

A configurable job and internship board

Unlimited Surveys for students, employers, and faculty

Virtual Student Advising

CV generator based on predefined templates

MBA CSEA approved student placement surveys

Video based mock interview practice

Targeted CV Books for employers and students

Resource Library

Event and Workshop Management including attendance tracking

Symplicity Internship Management


Symplicity SIM (Symplicity Internship Management) has been designed to manage the operational process of internship approval, tracking and evaluation. SIM caters for the management of the signing and approval process of agreements between employers and universities. This feature also allows for the tracking of internship agreement forms signed between students, the university, and the employer. 

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SIM screenshot




The Hybrid Career Centre

Symplicity CSM enables educational institutions to increase and track student and employer engagement while reducing operating costs and manual processes.  

Our solution consists of a set of features that enable career centres to interact with students and employers anywhere and at any time facilitating both hybrid and virtual recruiting environments.

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