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Seamless student wellbeing and conduct case management 

Symplicity Advocate enables institutions to successfully manage the most critical student concerns including: student conduct, wellbeing, complaints, support and academic misconduct.

Gain a 360-degree view of student wellbeing, conduct and incidents through an integrated, secure and user-friendly platform.




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Automated case triage and routing

Automatically route cases to coordinate cross-institutional support for a variety of incident types. Link and organise different teams under a secure and efficient system.



Streamline case management and reporting

Championing early intervention by proactively identifying at risk students, whilst providing immediate support to ensure students are receiving the resources they need to succeed.


Impact for your students

Trust in the institution Improved data-privacy & security Swift and optimised case resolution
Integrated wellbeing network across the whole institution Secure and optimised communications Reduced impact on learning


Symplicity Advocate Benefits

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A safe and smart strategy for student conduct and wellbeing

Underpin your university processes with smart technology to keep confidential information safe and improve transparency. Symplicity Advocate helps you transform your digital approach to enable an efficient and compliant student services provision. Ensure your staff and students feel fully supported throughout the process of reporting issues, arranging support, and receiving information via a simple and easy to use interface.

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Comply with industry standard governance, data, and security protocols

Through a whole of institution approach, staff can intervene and proactively support based on reliable information shared among only permitted users. With audit trails, GDPR compliance and robust cyber security, protect your university from legal and reputational issues while ensuring that key decision makers can source student cases at a moment’s notice.

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Identify trends and make data-driven decisions

Take advantage of robust reporting features that allow student support, wellbeing, conduct or complaints teams to create dashboards, deliver critical information to key stakeholders and identify trends. Build students of concern lists, connect data with broader business intelligence systems and visualise custom reports at the click of a button.

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Resolve cases at speed and allocate resources appropriately

Use workflows that have been built in collaboration with hundreds of university wellbeing and conduct teams to reduce administrative tasks and spend more time 1-1 with your students. Symplicity Advocate is designed as a rules-engine with automated case routing, smart notifications, and in-built templates to refocus professional services time on building a safe and successful campus.

Advocate Features You'll Love

Case Management

Robust Reporting Engine

Engagement Toolset

Highly configurable workflows

Out of the box report forms and templates

School and Faculty engagement

Mobile adaptive, user friendly and highly engaging system

Record referrals to other university or external support services

Comprehensive IT system integration and granular user rights 

Seamless end-to-end processes 

CARE Network proactively identifying at risk students

Guest tracker with card swipe integration

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University of Cumbria enhances student support delivery with Symplicity Advocate

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