Symplicity® Radius™

Symplicity® Radius™ is our cloud-based supported integration layer designed to connect the career center to other campus departments, as well as to other technologies used by students, alumni and career centers.

Symplicity Radius’ APIs seamlessly connect CSM with other campus systems, including academic advising, admissions, alumni, CRM, SIS and data warehouses.

Through Symplicity Radius, colleges and universities can access vital job and employer data and professional development and job search content within Symplicity, as well as connect Symplicity’s career-related workflows to academic advising and other areas along the student and alumni career journey.

This openness also enables schools to connect their Symplicity CSM platform with their Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle learning management system (LMS), promoting higher levels of student engagement by presenting more access points to career services offerings, activities and content.

Radius FAQs

What is an API?

Connectivity is an amazing resource. In our world today, you can easily post to social media accounts, order food from your favorite neighborhood restaurant, or buy that cool new gadget right from your mobile device. But how does that connectivity happen? The answer is the Application Programming Interface, or API.

To put it simply, an API is the messenger that takes your request for something, tells a system what you want to do, and then returns a response. Think about it this way: when you go to a restaurant, you pick what you want to eat off of a menu. Somehow, that information needs to get to the kitchen before the kitchen can start making your food, and then somehow that food needs to get back to you. Your waiter is the messenger who takes your order to the kitchen and then brings back your food. Think of your waiter as an API.

What is an API used for?

In CSM, there are 10 APIs that you can use: Employer, Contact, Address, Student, File, Job, ProNet, Counseling, Event, and Reporting. You can use the Event API to get event information out of CSM and post them onto digital boards on campus. Are you using an employer CRM, like SalesForce, to manage your employers? You can use the Employer and Contact APIs to send information back and forth between SalesForce and CSM. Do you want to post jobs somewhere other than CSM? Use the Job API to get that information out of CSM and get it to where you need it to go.

Why Symplicity Radius?

We know that there is a need to break down silos on campus and connect student services with academic affairs to share data, student activity and more so that you can deploy a more holistic strategy to student employability. The API integration layer breaks down silos by allowing various offices on campus, or various campuses within an institution, share data more easily and have their systems “talk to each other.”

Without these silos, your team and your students will have an easier user experience, which will result in increased engagement from all users.

What Campus IT Systems Can Also Be Integrated?

Just about anything that allows you to get data into the system can be integrated with Symplicity products that are a part of the Radius program.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact your school’s IT department and your dedicated Account Executive. See the Symplicity Developer site to share with your IT Department.