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Your Diversity Recruiting Strategy

Diversity recruitment is one of the top trending topics in corporate America. In our increasingly diverse nation, a diversity recruitment strategy is necessary to have. According to a 2015 McKinsey study, a diverse workforce is not only beneficial from an inclusion perspective, but also from a business perspective: gender-diverse [...]

On-Campus Employer Branding Strategies

Reputation can make or break an organization. The reputation your organization builds with prospective hires is commonly referred to as your employer brand. Building a strong and recognizable employer brand is a crucial component of a successful recruitment strategy. Your employer brand is an organizational image that ultimately tells [...]

How to Source Passive Entry-Level Candidates

Keeping up with the demand for talented candidates is a challenge for recruiters under the best of circumstances. When it comes to sourcing entry-level candidates, the obstacles are even bigger. Most entry-level positions have higher-than-average turnover, making it a perpetual task to successfully find these candidates. Ensuring a [...]

Is Your Website Attracting Entry-Level Candidates?

Many companies today are having a difficult time sourcing high-quality candidates for their entry-level positions. This isn't because the candidates aren't out there, it's just that recruiters are having a hard time finding the "right" candidates for their available jobs. In an attempt to solve this problem, HR managers are constantly [...]

Using Videos to Recruit Entry-Level Candidates

One of the best ways a company can attract entry-level candidates is by using recruitment videos. Recruitment videos are a creative way to showcase a company’s brand, culture, and what an entry-level career path could look like. Continue reading to learn the benefits and best practices for creating and marketing a successful recruitment [...]