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By Alana Ripy in Success Stories posted: Nov 9th, 2017

Great Oaks Charter School Uses Symplicity Recruit to Boost the Number of Applications for AmeriCorps Positions

Situation Great Oaks is a small network of charter schools dedicated to preparing students for college success through high-intensity tutoring. Across the entire organization, Great Oaks has 270 AmeriCorps positions that it hires for on an annual basis. The school was interested in targeting recent graduates and college seniors for these [...]

Your Diversity Recruiting Strategy

Diversity recruitment is one of the top trending topics in corporate America. In our increasingly diverse nation, a diversity recruitment strategy is necessary to have. According to a 2015 McKinsey study, a diverse workforce is not only beneficial from an inclusion perspective, but also from a business perspective: gender-diverse [...]
By Alana Ripy in Entry-Level , hiring , Job Postings posted: Nov 8th, 2017

Job Postings That Resonate With Entry-Level Candidates

Entry-level job descriptions are at times a candidate’s first introduction to your organization. While these postings may seem simple to create, it’s crucial to not overlook the power of a well-written and impactful job description. If a job ad sounds dull and uninteresting, this will deter candidates from applying. Moreover, if [...]

On-Campus Employer Branding Strategies

Reputation can make or break an organization. The reputation your organization builds with prospective hires is commonly referred to as your employer brand. Building a strong and recognizable employer brand is a crucial component of a successful recruitment strategy. Your employer brand is an organizational image that ultimately tells [...]

On-Campus Networking Events for Employers

Organizations attract students to apply for entry-level roles by building an attractive employer brand, both on and off-campus. Whether attending recruitment events on campus or hosting a networking event off-campus, recruiters should seize the opportunity to share their company's brand and career opportunities with prospective hires. [...]
By Alana Ripy in Entry-Level , hiring , Interviewing posted: Nov 8th, 2017

Interview Questions to Help You Spot Entry-Level Hires

Even the most well-prepared resumes can only tell recruiters so much about an entry-level candidate. Whether recruiting for a specialized or more general entry-level role, asking the right interview questions can offer recruiters and hiring managers a better understanding of a candidate's overall suitability for the position. How to [...]

Identifying Potential in Entry-Level Candidates Who Have Little Work Experience

Candidates with little to no work experience should not be disregarded, as they can still bring significant value to your organization. What they lack in experience, they can make up for in transferable skills that are advantageous to your organization. Since most entry-level candidates are recent graduates, a few of the most common [...]

Using Current Employees to Recruit Entry-Level Hires

Many people have a strong sense of pride regarding the school they graduated from. It is nearly impossible to get through the day without seeing college stickers affixed to cars or people wearing clothing with a school logo emblazoned on the front. For your staff, reminiscing with former and current students at their alma mater will [...]

How to Source Passive Entry-Level Candidates

Keeping up with the demand for talented candidates is a challenge for recruiters under the best of circumstances. When it comes to sourcing entry-level candidates, the obstacles are even bigger. Most entry-level positions have higher-than-average turnover, making it a perpetual task to successfully find these candidates. Ensuring a [...]

Is Your Website Attracting Entry-Level Candidates?

Many companies today are having a difficult time sourcing high-quality candidates for their entry-level positions. This isn't because the candidates aren't out there, it's just that recruiters are having a hard time finding the "right" candidates for their available jobs. In an attempt to solve this problem, HR managers are constantly [...]