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    Engage With Skilled, Motivated Students

    Symplicity Recruit is the favored job recruitment platform among enterprise and SMB employers seeking to hire qualified candidates before and after they graduate from college. Recruit introduces our trusted clients to a curated network of leading universities around the world.

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    How Recruit Works

    Our Trusted Partners in Education

    Set Your Sights a Little Higher

    Our partners in higher education play an integral role in recruitment, guiding students via their career centers toward meaningful opportunities that suit their career goals, qualifications, and interests. The result for recruiters is a highly filtered pool of diverse, motivated talent with advanced education in the most appropriate fields.

    Recruit Engaged Employees

    Symplicity Recruit is the ideal job recruitment platform for locating student candidates whose backgrounds are relevant to the position you need to fill. Students in our network find the jobs they really want with employers who retain and promote them.

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    Targeted Connection

    Search a resume database by school, major, degree, grad date, and more. Proactively find active talent meeting your requirements.

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    Employee Retention

    Choose engaged, motivated candidates who will likely stay on with the employers who hire them.

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    Inclusive Action

    Diversify your global talent pool by reaching students outside of core schools, transcending geographic limitations.

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    Global Selection

    Access a qualified collection of early talent from the most outstanding universities worldwide.

    HowitWorks Save Time

    Narrow Your Search for the Ideal Employee

    Employers using Recruit may post open positions throughout our network or target specific schools for early talent. As each student in our network collaborates with their college’s career center to look for employment, recruiters on our platform enjoy access to the most qualified student candidates. The result for employers is greater retention and lower cost of acquisition since the applicants they hire are committed to advancing their careers and have educational backgrounds and skills suited to the work. Enhanced filtering and database tools allow for robust search customization, so hiring for diversity and inclusion becomes a simple click-by-click process.

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    Recruiting for Diversity

    The Recruit platform is an employer’s doorway into our exclusive network of higher education establishments around the world, introducing businesses to a broad global marketplace of early talent. Recruiters select their own particular search criteria to reach students and alumni from our partner schools all across the nation, including Minority Serving Institutions. Through customized search capabilities and access to expanded database tools, employers can diversify their talent pools by engaging with students beyond the core colleges and universities, breaking through restrictive cultural and geographic barriers.

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    Symplicity Recruit In Action

    Our early talent recruiting platform curates an exclusive network of higher education students who are committed to advancing their careers.