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By Alana Ripy in Entry-Level , hiring , Job Postings posted: Nov 8th, 2017

Job Postings That Resonate With Entry-Level Candidates

Entry-level job descriptions are at times a candidate’s first introduction to your organization. While these postings may seem simple to create, it’s crucial to not overlook the power of a well-written and impactful job description. If a job ad sounds dull and uninteresting, this will deter candidates from applying. Moreover, if [...]

Identifying Potential in Entry-Level Candidates Who Have Little Work Experience

Candidates with little to no work experience should not be disregarded, as they can still bring significant value to your organization. What they lack in experience, they can make up for in transferable skills that are advantageous to your organization. Since most entry-level candidates are recent graduates, a few of the most common [...]