A unified solution for managing incidents and behavioral concerns.

Symplicity’s Advocate System offers everything you need to smoothly run a student conduct office and behavioral intervention team.

Built from the ground up by student conduct and behavioral intervention professionals who wanted to spend less time in front of a computer, and more time proactively engaging their student community, Advocate enhances collaboration and streamlines case management at colleges and universities.

By pairing the most powerful functionality with best-in-class IT security, Symplicity has become the most trusted campus safety solutions vendor in higher education.

Core features


Conduct Case Management

Our product management and support teams include former conduct professionals who understand that organization, collaboration, and efficiency are key components in processing incidents and monitoring students of concern.

All case data is available at your fingertips with an easy-to-follow case workflow, documents, notes, and transaction history allowing you to involve more stakeholders while processing cases more quickly. Read More...

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Engagement Toolset

Do you dedicate hours of time drafting letters? Scheduling meetings and hearings? Searching for missed sanctions? 

With Advocate’s engagement toolset, spend less time behind your computer and more time proactively engaging students. Advocate helps you streamline administrative tasks and concentrate on what matters—the student. Read More...

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Behavioral Intervention

We recognize the need for colleges and universities to proactively address campus safety, and comprehensive behavioral intervention may be the most critical component.

Advocate's CARE Network module allows institutions to more easily identify and more effectively address students of concern, often before an incident occurs. Read More...

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Student Directory

A powerful, well-organized student database is essential for any student conduct office, and advocate's holistic student record offers a complete transaction history providing unprecedented student insight.

Beyond an integrated student record, staff may search the student directory, monitor specific students, set flags, and easily add notes and documents on-the-fly. Read More...

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Federal Reporting Engine

Institutions of higher education are always looking for new methods to improve federal reporting efficiency and accuracy. Consequently, more student conduct offices and campus police departments are looking to push aside stacks of spreadsheets and implement best-of-breed technology.

Advocate features a Federal Reporting component that is dedicated to generating and sending Clery and other mandated federal reports, thus helping to ensure full compliance.Read More...

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Mobile Version

With Advocate's Mobile Version, you have the freedom to take actions on cases without having to run back to your computer!

You may now easily access your cases on any mobile device or tablet in a user friendly format, which can help ensure that you're never late in responding to a critical incident or urgent concern. Read More...

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Reporting & Quick Statistics

Have all of your data at your fingertips. Our Reporting Module allows you to create comprehensive ad hoc reports. From the report writer screen, you may select any/all fields in the database for extraction.

Refine your data set by filtering against any field, so you can display information by incident type, by location, by created/modified date range, and the yearly Clery Report. Read More...

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Customization Tools

Every office is unique, and most administrators want to tailor their system’s interface to align with their precise vision. Knowing our customers’ desire for interface control, we provide extensive customization and configuration capabilities.

Advocate's custom workflow comes complete with customizable emails, alerts and notifications. Just because your office is adopting new technology doesn't mean that you have to change your office's process. Read More...

Security and compliance

Icon - Product Features - Compliance

As an organization, Symplicity's highest priority is safeguarding your data. Many companies claim to secure your data, but we back it up with frequent independent audits.

Since our inception, Symplicity has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student and employer records to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Read More...

Powerful integration options

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Data Synchronization

Do you use Ellucian, Oracle, Jenzabar or another enterprise platform? Symplicity's dedicated Systems Integration Team delivers sophisticated integration with student information and financial systems via web services, sFTP, and other methods.

Icon - Product Features - Calendar Integration

Calendar Integration

Symplicity provides full integration with Microsoft Exchange and supports iCal and SyncML so that you can easily synchronize with Outlook, Lotus, and Google calendars, as well as smart phones by Apple, Blackberry, etc.

The personal calendar shows your schedule for the day/week/month. Or, you can view a colleague's meeting availability - all from a single web interface. Our visibility controls ensure that only authorized staff may view private events and appointments.

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Authentication Integration

Make your software even easier to use by integrating your portal with single sign-on or shared authentication. We support CAS, Shibboleth, uPortal, Luminis, LDAP, Active Directory, and many other options.

Flexible Pricing

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Whether you are a small or large institution, Advocate aligns with the preferences and needs of each office by providing a wide range of features and price points.

Institutions may license Advocate Full Edition™, which offers a comprehensive suite of tools for an unlimited user base, or the Advocate modular edition, which is available for those offices seeking to pick and choose specific features with varying costs.

We’re here to help

Symplicity’s Advocate support team is comprised of student affairs professionals that have years of conduct and behavioral intervention experience. We know how important great customer service is to our partners and have many easy ways to reach out to our friendly Advocate support experts.

Advocate Support Resources

Have an Extranet Account?

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Symplicity Client Extranet:

The Symplicity Client Extranet is where clients can login to ask system related questions, report and track issues, and access documentation. It is the best and easiest way to connect with us!
Phone: 703-373-7035

*Note: Our client extranet is monitored 24 hours.
Email and Phone support available between 9am – 6pm Monday – Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your system fully integrate with our Student Information System??

A: Absolutely! Advocate supports full connectivity with university student information systems (SIS) using systems integration best practices and methods such as sFTP and/or web services-SOAP. Other integration methods are also available upon request based on the institution's preference.

Q: Is there online and telephone support available? Online self-help?

A: Symplicity provides technical support 24/7/365. Additionally, live online and telephone support is available between the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. We also provide context sensitive online help, detailed user manuals, cheat sheets, and training videos at your fingertips through our client extranet!

Q: Is Symplicity focused on conduct?

A: Absolutely. The Advocate Group is an autonomous organization within Symplicity that focuses solely on conduct and solely on Advocate. Furthermore, the Advocate Group has more than 50 years of higher education experience. Having been built from the ground up by former conduct, residential life, and behavioral intervention practitioners, institutions see the fingerprints of our close collaboration with conduct professionals throughout Advocate's highly intuitive user interface and feature-rich toolset.

Q: Do you conduct nightly backups? If so, to how many geographic locations?

A: Yes. Symplicity conducts nightly backups in two geographic locations on Symplicity's own server infrastructure. If anything happens to your data, you'll be rest assured that we have your back. You never need to worry about losing data.

Q: What is the process for training?

A: The Advocate Group offers both onsite training and unlimited web-based training. Training sessions are conducted by former conduct professionals who have implemented Advocate before and have a deep understanding of the product at the higher ed administrative level. Additionally, you'll have your own training specialist completely concentrated on your needs during the transition.

Q: Does Advocate support multi-campus environments?

A: Symplicity has experience setting up multi-campus environments at most of the major colleges and universities across the country. With Advocate's rules engine, sophisticated case access, routing, and reporting may be configured to the specific requirements of decentralized institutions. This sophistication provides both consolidated data reporting and collaboration across campuses.


"We have been using Advocate for the past several years. It has dramatically streamlined our processes for incident reporting, follow-up on cases and annual reporting. Our staff has found the system to be user-friendly, and it has become an invaluable tool in their day-to-day work. The initial setup was painless, and I found the Symplicity staff to be responsive, friendly and very easy to work with. Advocate has done everything that we want it to do, as well as other tasks which we never considered. I cannot imagine working with
a better product."

Tim Lempfert
Associate Director of Residential Life
Washington University in St. Louis

"Our office has been using Advocate since August of 2007. Symplicity has been a great partner in that we have been able to customize the system to assist us in maintaining the information we need in a beneficial format as well as the ability to run reports that give the information needed to access how we manage behavior at the university. Symplicity's staff is always courteous and responsive to all our needs. The staff listens to our suggestions and continuously upgrades and enhances the database in a manner that improves our effectiveness in serving our students, faculty and staff at the university."

Carla K. Owen
Assistant Director
Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities
Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

"At Pace University, we feel that Advocate has revolutionized our record keeping and has facilitated even greater communication with our team in assisting students who may be at-risk. We are very fortunate to have such a supportive educational environment, as well as the amazing team of support specialists at Symplicity who assist us with our every need. Simply amazing! Thank you!"

Marijo Russell O'Grady, Ph.D.
Dean for Students
Pace University, NYC Campus

"Advocate has been a great asset to our university. We use the software to track our student conduct caseload, schedule meetings, send letters and generate conduct reports. It also allows us to track students of concern with its CARE Report function and allows us to view all of our CARE issues on the CARE Dashboard. We are very pleased with its functionality and value."

André L. Clanton
Former Assistant Director of Student Conduct
Clayton State University

"This product has become such a useful tool for our college in organizing and tracking incidents on campus! From conduct issues to medical concerns, it has allowed us to become much more productive and streamlined in our approach. The Help Desk deserves an A+ for their courtesy and expertise!"

Kim Clark
Office Manager
Middlesex Community College

"Implementing Advocate has been a straightforward and positive experience, from users quickly adapting to a completely new judicial management application to the systems migration, moving from an entirely homegrown and locally hosted application to a sophisticated cloud-based one.

Symplicity worked closely with our student information programmers to ensure that web services integration between UCLA and Symplicity ran smoothly. This required Symplicity to work within the data security constraints UCLA has in place. In addition, Symplicity has been very helpful in guiding us in migrating our prior system's case data into the Advocate archive.

Most of our users have quickly learned the Advocate GUI and have adapted easily to using the current version's templates and reporting tools. Given how completely different our prior system is to Advocate, this was no easy task. To that end, Advocate training sessions were invaluable. We also appreciated that Symplicity used our launch schedule versus forcing one we had to adapt to.

Finally, our ON-TIME launch and relatively easy transition to Advocate is in large measure due to the guidance of Symplicity's implementation specialist, Judette Tobes Platz, who has been our greatest resource as both a teacher and a problem-solver. In addition, Judette has been an absolute joy to work with. She continues to make herself available, which we really appreciate. We also have been very please to date with Symplicity's help desk, which we have contacted at least a half dozen times with questions and requests. Response has been excellent and so far all problems, mostly our missteps, have been corrected or resolved to our satisfaction in an expeditious fashion."

Jonathan Curtiss
Manager Technology Development of Student and Campus Life

"My name is Dr. Sherri Davis (Academic Dean at Lawson State Community College) along with Dr. Randy Glaze (Dean of Educational Support). We represent one of your new clients, Lawson State Community College, and I just want to share with you how much we have enjoyed working with Chris Schmidt. Chris is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, patient and an utter joy to work with on a continuous basis. You could not have selected a better person to represent your company.

In addition, he goes out of his way (i.e., sending screen shots of material, stopping to conference you into to an informal Go to Meeting, actually picking up his phone, etc....) to ensure our understanding of the Advocate system. Equally important, you never feel rushed when you are on the phone with him. This speaks volumes, and we believe it is a rare occurrence (based on our collective experiences in the market place).

Chris makes you feel that he is completely dedicated to your issue and your problem and never leaves the conversation until you are fully satisfied. Indeed, if he cannot find a solution for you (while on the phone at that moment), you can rest assured he will troubleshoot the problem within minutes and get back to you right away. Quite simply...he is excellent.

We continue to benefit from the professionalism that Chris displays daily and have found our transition to this new product surprisingly refreshing. Congratulations on maintaining such a high performing employee."

Sherri Davis & Randy Glaze
Academic Dean & Dean, Educational Support Services
Lawson State Community College

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