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Symplicity is a trusted provider of cloud-based solutions for managing diversity, inclusion, and employability

We help manage diversity, inclusion, and employability to make the workplace more productive

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Automate, Simplify, and Track Accommodations

Provide employees with the tools and connections they need to succeed in the work environment. Monitor your office’s entire equipment inventory.

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Foster a Safe Working Environment

Manage employee conduct, Title VII and case management while complying with the EEOC’s standards and reporting.


“It allows staff to work faster; you know someone can type out a disciplinary agreement in five minutes, and that’s a lot faster than having to retype it.”

Shawn Knight
Judicial Affairs Officer

“Symplicity Recruit is great! It gets your jobs in front of a lot of people and lots of different schools quickly.”

Melissa Frank
Director of Talent Recruitment

“Symplicity continues to expand its products’ capabilities, and it’s also a leader in the industry, so we don’t have to worry about it going anywhere anytime soon.”

Jarrod Clement
Administrator at the Office of Judicial Affairs
Boston University



  • Agile software development experience
  • API-centric development techniques
  • Fully automated testing processes
  • Predictive reporting and analytics
  • Extensive software and hardware monitoring
  • Workflow and process automation
  • Application development
  • Systems integration


  • Clean, modern, easy-to-use interfaces
  • Responsive, fluid web design
  • Predictive reporting and analytics
  • Highly intuitive and fully accessible systems
  • Brand experience assessment and development

Build customized solutions for your department.

Create customized applications with Symplicity’s toolsets, maximize your benefits and efficiency with our professional services.

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