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Provide job seekers more opportunities and career preparation tools than ever before.


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We’ve helped guide more than 26 million job seekers to their dream career.

Deliver more opportunities to underserved student populations WITHOUT compromising.


Quickly review job details, navigate between jobs, search for jobs, and “Apply” for, or “Save” interesting jobs with Split View.

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Get more students hired by connecting them to millions of employers on an easy-to-use platform.

Build Key Relationships
With Employers

Take employer connections further by delivering interview opportunities, hosting great career fairs, connecting with alumni mentors and more.

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For over 20 years, Symplicity has been a true university partner. Hear what our clients have to say.

Features You'll Love

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Curated Jobs

To ensure students are being shown the right jobs, our proprietary technology and team of human curators scans through hundreds of thousands of jobs and internships from sources outside the CSM network to provide the right opportunities to job seekers and foster employer relationships.

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Experiential Learning

Easily adaptable to any university, no matter the size or number of departmental staff, Symplicity’s EL module provides universities with the flexibility to utilize the module for their university’s needs more than any other vendor in the field.

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Virtual Career Fairs

Expand access to relevant opportunities and career services to diverse student populations while preparing students for meaningful careers. Our virtual career fair offering comes complete with universal video capability and data reporting, enabling universities to connect students with employers outside of their geographic region, properly track real-time student engagement with employers, and increase the number of employers engaging with your institution.

RIT Launches Virtual Career Fair for Campus Recruiting
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Student Data Privacy

Symplicity firmly believes in protecting student data—whether it’s now or five years from now. Our business model will never require students to give up their data in order to access a core university service. Our mission is to help institutions connect students with the people, knowledge, and experiences they need to launch successful careers

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Designed to boost student engagement, our Pathways module allows career advisors to set up structured paths for students’ skill development, and easily measure the success of these plans. The Pathways module enables staff to customize each student’s experience based on ones activities, interests, and major.

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  • Student CRM

  • Recruiting Toolkit

  • Advanced Metrics & Outcomes Reporting

  • Swipe Card Kiosks

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Virtual Mock Interviews

  • Custom Dashboards

  • Mobile Interface


Illinois State University Expands Operations with CSM

A CSM has been integral to supporting Illinois State University's over 20,000 students since 2014. With the support of their client manager, ISU has continued to focus on institutional goals and cross-campus collaboration with the career services office by working with CSM to make a meaningful impact on their students from day one. 

I would recommend Symplicity CSM to every institution. All of the updates and wonderful aspects of the platform would be beneficial to any career services office. In my opinion, there is no better system.

Clayton State University

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