Automate, simplify and track the approval and delivery of accommodations.

Build your accommodation list according to your organization’s needs.

Coordinate support

Engage the right resources to deliver meaningful responses to accommodation requests

Go paperless

Process all accommodations in the cloud and access case history and relevant information on demand

Manage communication

Keep stakeholders informed every step of the way with automated, web-based workflows

Be proactive

Identify trends and aggregate data to simplify accommodation case reporting


Accommodate Higher Ed

Accommodation Case Management

Use our automated digital system to replace paper, keep registered students informed, and involve faculty and staff members of approved requests.

Equipment & Assistive Devices Checkout

Track and monitor your office’s entire equipment inventory and keep track of the status, location, and condition of each item.

Note-taker Network

Bring together registered students and approved note-takers for every class and section. Eliminate duplicate work, digitize the notes and make it easy for everyone.

Test Room Booking

Give registered students a real-time view of available rooms and automatically calculate exam times based on approved accommodations. Then, coordinate with faculty to inform them of special instructions.

ADA Compliance

Accommodate is 508-compliant and fully accessible by all students, faculty and staff. We are dedicated to maintaining and continually enhancing the overall accessibility of the system for all users.

Appointment Management

Give your students a virtual view of your staff’s calendars so they can book at mutually beneficial times and eliminate wasteful back and forth or long waits during open office hours appointment booking.

Accommodate Corporate

Federal Compliance

Report all accommodations to the OFCCP to comply with section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act. Accommodate is also 508-compliant and accessible.

Easy Requests

Go virtual with Accommodate. Employees and stakeholders can request and track inquiries using a dedicated web-based system.

Automated Case Management

Review, assign and process accommodation requests on a purpose-built system that seamlessly routes your cases to the right people each time.

Powerful Reporting

Track key details such as accommodation trends, the rationale behind case decisions, and even the time spent processing each request.

Room Reservations

Approve private rooms or offices with special equipment in real time using powerful room inventory tools.

Equipment & Device Tracker

Anticipate inventory needs and fulfill requests faster by knowing the location, status and condition of adaptive equipment and related technology.


Equipment Booking

Back and foot rests, ergonomic keyboards and mice, specialized workstations, listening devices, braille materials

Physical Accessibility Requirements

Parking, restrooms, accessible entry and exit, accessibility services (materials in alternate format, reserved seating, travel assistance, sign language interpretation, and other options)

Special Rooms

Nursing, religious, quiet, sick rooms, test-taking

Parental Leave

Track family leave, flexible work arrangements and other benefits for new parents

Special Dietary Requirements

Kosher, vegan, gluten-free, allergies, and other requirements


Data Synchronization

Do you use Ellucian, Oracle, Jenzabar or another enterprise platform? We deliver sophisticated integration with student information and financial systems via web services, sFTP, and other methods.

Calendar Integration

Symplicity provides full calendar integration via CalDAV, SyncML, and other methods to ensure room selection times, and other key events and start times synchronize with users’ calendar applications and devices.


Make your software even easier to use by integrating your portal with single sign-on or shared authentication.

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